Wednesday, April 29, 2015


late night blog post, but it's better than no post.

currently i am.....
wearing: gah, everything in my closet.  can this weather just make up it's mind.  in the morning my toes are cold but i still want to wear sandals because by 2:00 it's hot!
make up your mind weather!!

wondering: why guys can't take good photos?
all we wanted was on facebook worthy photo boys....

cheering: on this little lady.
she stepped out of her comfort zone and attended Yoga Buzz with nana and i last sunday in forest park.  she did awesome!!

loving: these three.
jon randomly got the day off on tuesday and stepped up to the plate and joined stella on her field trip.  yep, heart melted.  they had a blast.  and of course i love getting selfies sent to me while at work.
seriously the love i have for these three is so big!!

jamming: FIGHT SONG!
yep - new car concert.



Adrien said...

Oh my gosh I know - the weather! So annoying! Never know how to dress the kiddos for school. I almost always guess wrong, haha.