Happy Friday!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy Friday!!

so i was here, and then i was gone.
yikes.  sorry.
i had all kinds of posts ready for this week too.
just never got a second in the day to hit publish.
so let's just throw them all into one.
looks like it's just weekend and week round ups around here.  opps!
so what have we been up to this week?
LOTS of barbie parties.
it's like the bachelor on drugs.
i think we have three boy barbies.  all the rest girls.
and by the way have you SEEN some of the outfits they make for barbie now a days?!
holy smokes!
when we aren't playing with barbies we are throwing on our head lamps and looking for just about anything henry can come up with.
i am sure our neighbors think we have robbers a couple times a week.
lights off, head lamps on, mini flashlights. 
it's a sight to see.  lol.
my WWIW has been SLACKING this week.
so here is just a quick catch up.
and look at that hair DOWN so many times this week.
kim i truly hope you are seeing this.  lol.
but don't think our week has been all great.
we experience this just about EVERY night.
nooooo - don't make me turn off the ipad.
i do not want to go to sleep!!
that face :(

i put this on IG and thankfully i am not alone.
whew, this boy needs an intervention.  lol.

i have some DIY-ing going on this weekend.
redoing a vanity/desk for stella's birthday.  SO excited!!
have a great weekend!!


Christine said...

Thanks for all the outfit posts. I got my first pair of ankle boots yesterday while out shopping with Kacie. I am using you for inspiration on how to wear them! :)

Kim Luke said...

your hair down pictures definitely are not going unnoticed. #soproud!!!

Anonymous said...

Logan use to LOVE those head flash lights. We were always "discovering" things with them on our heads. hahah

You look awesome!! Love the pics

omg Henry crying pic broke my heart!!! I have never seen that boy cry. :(