Let's Rewind.....

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Let's Rewind.....

it's been a hot minute since i've posted.
sorry - we've just been busy.
so the last time i posted it was jon's birthday.
that was almost a week ago.
and the other half of his birthday present STILL isn't in the mail.
thanks kohls.
nothing says happy birthday like a week later.
even though i suck at secrets and pretty much told him everything i ordered.
mostly because i saved a TON of money.  ha!
and because i suck a secrets......
but moving on to catching up.
thursday night kim asked me to help with the sts fashion show.
i was PUMPED!!
and SO excited to wear STS's new fur vest and leather leggings.
girls get this outfit - i LOVE it!
if the fur vests aren't your thing then get this long lace tunic.
i LOVE it!!
after the sts fashion show i enjoyed some much needed girl time and some glasses of wine.
S&H got to hang out with papa and pam while i was gone.
from what i hear, they had a blast!
friday was back to normal.
work and school for everyone.
except stella got pretty sick at school.
she made it the whole day but once she got to linda's in the afternoon she was hurting.
magically she felt "better" just in time for the lighted parade that night.
our town just has the cutest kick off to the holiday happenings weekend.
a nice little lighted parade!
so many frozen floats this year, and of course, santa!!
after the parade we walked to nana's house.
kendra and faye joined us to warm up and henry and nana showed faye how to make crazy popcorn.
faye was pumped - she was henry's little shadow.
it was so cute!
stella zonked out in nana's bed and by time we got home she had a 100 fever.
poor baby.
we got home, she took some meds, i put a cold compress on her neck and she was out.
saturday morning was a big day.
breakfast with santa!
don't get me wrong - i was NERVOUS.
we've yet to have a successful visit with santa.
however this year - SUCCESS!!
oh my goodness i was SO HAPPY!!
they both climbed right up there and told him what they wanted.
while we were at the Y for breakfast with santa we picked up henry's soccer pictures.
oh  my goodness - the boy may have hated soccer, but his picture sure is cute.
i have to say the batman puts on the finishing touches.  lol.  too cute.
later that afternoon they went to their dad's house and jon and i burned leaves and cleaned up the yard.
while people.  lol.
jon headed off to deer camp and i headed out with the girls.
we enjoyed the drink contest at the local watering holes.
each one had a specialty holiday drink and they were good!
sunday morning i was up to work at CK.
holy smokes we were busy.
once i got home, S&H came back and we chilled the rest of the night.
yesterday we all had dentist appointments.
S&H took the dentist like a champ!!
i went in one room to get my teeth cleaned and they took their turns going into the other room.
the dentist.
man - these two kiddos are growing up way to fast!!
and now i'm sitting at work in STL praying none of this freguson stuff heads our way.
man - it's all SO SO sad.
be safe everyone locally!


Amanda aka Manda said...

You looked hot for the STS show! I'm LOVING that vest! YAY for a successful Santa visit! You all looked so cute during your girls night! And it looked like so much fun! Left me a wee bit jealous! ;o)

The Pink Growl said...

LOVE Henry's soccer pic! How adorable are your kids? The most! Happy Thanksgiving! Love ya!