Weekend Wrap Up

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

i'm alive.
i'm blogging.
it's almost been a week.
so sorry!

let's first talk about how Young House Love is taking a month long break for blogging and not sure if they are coming back.
let's just take a moment of silence for this.
you guys i am obsessed with them.
at 9:00 a.m. i read their blog.
every day.
ugh - heartbreaking.

ok, moving on to our life.
not some people i pretend i know.
but seriously, when you read someone's blog for SEVEN years you feel like you REALLY know them.  am i right?
ok, back to the post.

the steibel family got together this weekend and made apple butter.
i just LOVE doing this with the family.
friday night we headed down and did the worst part.
cleaning, coring, peeling, slicing, all.the.apples.
ahhh - i didn't know if we would ever find the bottom of this barrel.
but we did.
three of these babies later, we were ready for 7 a.m. on saturday morning.
there's sort of an unwritten rule.
you have to stir in order to get some butter.
i mean - it's only fair.
regardless of age.
ok, ok, we would like you to be able to walk and stir.
so needless to say S&H were officially inducted into the Steibel Farm's Apple Butter team.
they loved it!
seven hours later we had this.
it was worth it.  SO good!!
i had a picture on my phone from the last time we got together to make apple butter.
so we did a remake of it.
henry looks the most different.  lol.
love his little bald head.
once we got home we made some chili and a bonfire and called it the perfect september day!
man oh man - happy everyone!
sunday morning i joined jami and rachel for a morning WOD.
oh my goodness - it was awesome.
i needed it!!
then we headed out to Bass Pro and Cabela's for the day.
dad, if you are reading this, Henry and Stella would like this for Chirstmas.
we finished off the day at lacie's for some soup.
monday was a nice little extended weekend for me and henry.
we took sissy to school and then headed to his three year check up.
clean bill of health for this happy boy.
got one shot and didn't even cry.  yay!

have a great weekend!
BIG changes coming soon!!


Shannon Snodgrass said...

Every time I see your apple butter, all I can think about is warm homemade biscuits and apple butter! Get in my belly!!!

Ok, so I'm reading and looking at your cute pics and then all of the sudden.... BIG changes?!? All of what I just read became foggy and if I'm like every other girl on the planet (a.k.a. nosy, lol) I'm excited to know! Dets girl... come on ;-)

Amanda aka Manda said...

You need to send me some of that apple butter!!

Anonymous said...

I'm here to admit I have never had apple butter. It must be pretty amazing though for that much effort to be put into it!

Henry's camo overalls LOVE. SO cute Henry!

Jami Papenberg said...

That apple butter looks SO GOOD! It's been way too long since I've had apple butter! And what a fun tradition :). So glad you got to come work out on Sunday! And glad you enjoyed it too :D Hope you weren't TOO sore!!