Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

it's thursday and it's raining.
totally one of those days where i just want to put on some comfy pants and watch orange is the new black all day long.
ps - just finished season one last night (i know, SO behind with the times.)  but oh my lawd.
i want more.
i can't believe how it ended!
anyone else watching/watched it?
whew - intense!  i just love it!

ok, moving on.
thought i'd do an awkward and awesome thursday.
well because sometimes my life is full of awkward and awesome things.

like for instance.
awesome - abbie's birthday yesterday!  the ole doggie is 6!
awkward - henry insisting on buying her a bone that weighed more than she did.

awesome - before and after house pictures!!
awkward - two little doggies in the door.  lol.  #photobombers

awesome - freshly painted nails.
awkward - freshly painted nails by your 4.5 year old, and forgetting that she did them and going to work the next day like that.....  ha.

awesome - getting a great deal on some bras
awkward - they didn't fit, but they did fit your little sister.....
when did our boobs become close to the same size?!?!
(sorry sis!)

awesome - blogging.
awkward - where did everyone go?!!!

awesome - mary's trash wings!
awkward - what they do to you the next day......

awesome - dresses.  i am just in a mood to wear them everywhere lately.
awkward - wearing dresses on a jobsite.

ha - so there we have it.
excited to enjoy some wine tonight and being able to catch up with an old friend.
and even better - tomorrow is friday!  holla!!



Amanda aka Manda said...

Hopefully Abbie liked her bone! And you gotta love little doggies in the door!

I feel like everyone disappeared too lately, but I can't say much seeing as I'm not blogging near as much myself.

sblind2 said...

I'm done with Season 2 - Emily just started watching and was up till 2a watching Season 1 ... she's hooked too!

Anonymous said...

Love me some trashed wings!
When you said wearing a dress on the job site I picture you in a dress, hard hat and your boots on the job site hahah good look