Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

raise your hand if you have a picnic hang over?
whew - i am one worn out momma.
but man, i just love it.
our local fireman's picnic was this weekend, the weather was perfect, the food was amazing, and my kids were ready to tackle that baby like it was their job!
friday night i did the fireman's 5k with my dad.
i had high hopes that i could keep up with him.
major fail - by like TEN minutes.  yep!  no joke.
my dad finished in 26 minutes, me 36.  ouch.
props to you dad - you are in better shape than me!
after the 5k i met up with josh and the kids.  they were already worn out from the rides by then and ready to go back to dad's house.  so i walked to josh's house with them and then headed back up to the picnic to get something to eat with jon.
we hung around and talked to people until about 11.
the next morning i was up for saturday number three of the 10,000 step challenge i am doing.
yeah - bad idea for the old knee.  a 5k friday night, and 2,000 steps saturday morning.
needless to say by 8 a.m. i was sitting on the couch icing my knee.
old lady party of one.
by 10:00 i was at the store working.
once i got off work i ran some errands and then picked up S&H, and the four of us headed back up to the picnic.  S&H were READY for round two!!
first up, the "fennis" wheel.  ha - that's what henry called it.
glued - that boy LOVES this thing!
he kept telling me - it's not scary mom.  it's not scary.
i am freaking, holding out as tight as can be, and henry and stella are hands up having a blast.
next up, the slides.  those i can handle!
and handle we did, about 10 times!
we picnic-ed it up until about 9:00 p.m. and then headed to jon's parents for a night time swim.
S&H's first night time swim experience and they LOVED it!
by 10:30 we were worn out and we all crashed!
sunday morning we all enjoyed some sleep.
S&H went with their dad around ten so i could get ready for the parade with STS.
people went CRAZY for the STS coupon beads!  lol.
it was so much fun and the parade seemed to just FLY by.
after the parade i picked up S&H with my mom and lacie and we headed back to the picnic to meet jon and his mom for dinner and yep, MORE fennis wheel!
stella and i were pumped!!
this time we conned aunt lacie into going on the fennis wheel with S&H.
she was WAY more relaxed than mommy.  lol.
we called it a night around 7:30 and crashed hard!
no one wanted to get up this morning.
PTL it's a short week!
have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Holy moly you did get some good exercise in this weekend!!

I'm with you on the ferris wheel....not a fan of them!

Does Stella push for her and Henry to wear the same American flag shirt like she use to? haha Her American flag shirt reminded me of that.

Adrien said...

Hey, go dad! :D

You owned the picnic! We take the kids for one night and then pretend "It's other people's turn now. We took our turn." Haha. So fun!

Myssie@PendletonMarket said...

What a fun weekend!! And there is no shame in that 36 minute finish...you finished!! My fat arse was sitting on the couch!! LOL

Amanda aka Manda said...

Looks like such a great weekend!

You're parents really know how to kick some butt too! First Mama S and now your dad! Go them!