Five on Friday!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Five on Friday!

oh sweet jesus it's finally friday!
AND i blogged all week.
patting myself on my back.
and it's quite the weekend!
our dog, lucy, celebrates her half birthday today (important stuff), my half birthday is tomorrow, and mother's day is on sunday.

so on to the top five of the weekend.

since mother's day is on sunday i just want to wish all the moms (godmothers too) a very happy mother's day.  and i have to share my favorite saying

like i mentioned above, today is lucy's half birthday.
there have been plenty of days where i have no idea how we made it through the day with this doggie.
but i can't believe it's been six months already.
she really is a great dog and she will let S&H do ANYTHING to her.

i have to give mad props to this guy this week.
i have been a grouch - thanks to work and aunt flo.
and he is just awesome.
even through being a grouch he tells me yesterday he is taking S&H shopping to let them pick out some mother's day gifts.
while sitting at home last night, henry tried to take my phone.  which has no case on it because the case broke.  i said no buddy, i don't have a case, you can't play with my phone.
stella says - i don't know anything about a new case mom.  lol.
oh the joys of taking a four year old shopping!

speaking of that four year old.
she was full of sass last night.
she got dressed all by herself and asked me to take photos of her outside
ayi!  ha, but we headed out and she hammed it up.
too too cute!
yes that's a crown on her head.

and then we have sonny and cher.
oh our neighbors were probably laughing their butts off last night.

have a great weekend!!
be nice to your mom!


Jackie said...

Least Stella wasn't butt naked unlike Loreli the other night....1 minute she had clothes on the next she was running up the slide butt ass naked like it was no big deal! PTL we live by all old people!!!

Kim Luke said...

love those two so much!! adorable! bummed we missed the concert.

let us know when the next one is, we will buy front row seats!

hilar about the case!! hahahahaha! awesome!

Tina Steibel said...

How about Donnie and Marie they are brother and sister.......

I'm a little bit country and I'm a little bit rock and roll....

Adrien said...

Hehe...I just love your little performers! :D

Blogger isn't alerting me to all of your updates again. I'm just now seeing this on Sunday night. What the heck.

Amanda aka Manda said...

S&H are so cute! Stella hamming it up like that...too precious! Can I just mention again how much I love Jon. Every time I hear more, I think of how lucky you are! What a guy!