Oh How Pinteresting!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Oh How Pinteresting!

haven't done a pinterest post in awhile.
i don't even think the girl who started the wednesday pinterest thing even does it anymore.
but oh well.
nothing else too exciting to blog about.
so let's share some pins.

first up.
me - to a freaking T.

after all of jon's hard work and DIYs - this might just be the best thing for him.
and like genius.
except, can you keep the grill THAT close to your house?
because well, we all know i have a biggest fire fear ever.
any bit of smoke smell and i'm like FIRE - where!  find it now.
and jon looks at me like i'm a crazy person.  daily.  lol.

well wait, maybe he can get that grill pit AFTER we make this for henry.
i mean - genius!!
brother would love this!!

ha - sadly, yes, this is me.
however stella has started taking showers, of course, only with mom, but hey, it's at least gotten me on a regularly scheduled shower routine.
so yay!

bahaha - AMEN!

in fact, i hear a glass calling my name about 5:30 tonight.
happy wednesday.



Lindsey @ Life on Countryside said...

"things to say while I am driving" yes yes and yes!

sblind2 said...

Cassie - I say the same things when I'm driving ... sometimes I even call out the make of the car "Oh what BMW's don't come with blinkers?!?!" PTL Brody has only caught on to "come on people" I mean I do try to watch myself when he's in the car - lol

Amanda aka Manda said...

That is TOTALLY me while driving too! I love the projects you have lined up for Jon. So neat! And at least it's only Stella wanting to take showers. My sister has the challenge of all 3 wanting to take one with mom. Craziness!!

The Pink Growl said...

First of all I am cracking up just picturing you saying all that while driving and 2nd I am laughing because I do too!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Things I say while driving.... YEP, all of the above, like daily! Who in the hell handed out driver licenses in MO??? REVOKE REVOKE REVOKE! These fools are crazy!

Shannon Q. said...

Oh that first one was right on! As I was reading it, I could hear myself saying it in my head!!