Life Lately

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Life Lately

hi ladies!
ha, that reminds me of henry.
he loves to hold the door open for stella and i. 
and he will say, here you go lady.  lol.
so life lately - has been crazy busy!!
work, kids in school, getting the store open.
which is happening in THREE days!
and the weather for saturday is shaping up to be perfect.
if you are local, and heck even if you aren't, you should make this in your plans for saturday.
kim has some of the most adorable new outfits ready for you guys.
and i like to think i have some cute accessories as well.  lol.
so back to catching up.
this weekend S&H were with their dad.
i worked at the store and ck and jon worked and made deer sausage.
so we were busy!
but we did get in some time to bowl with some friends for a benefit.
AND a bigger plus, another girl from ck wanted to go and isn't 21.  instant DD.  holla!

jon thought he was going to be macho man and be the best at bowling.
he did great his first game.  i came in dead last.
and then karma struck and he came in dead last the third game.
i am not a sore loser, promise.  lol.
sunday was back to work and getting stuff done.
this little number is coming to the store soon.
and so are these little numbers.
not stella and layla though.  lol.
the dress and headband.
kim and i are blessed to have such adorable and amazing babies!
love love love.
so back to work and back to the shop.
the end is insight.
have a great wednesday!!


Amanda aka Manda said...

I wish I could be there this weekend! I am SO SO SO excited for you guys. I love that pink desk! OMG so cute! And S&L modeling...I die!!!

The Pink Growl said...

I want that pink desk! Where is it from?

Jackie said...

Hoping I can stop in...just not sure how the day is gonna go with Brittany's wedding!

Adrien said...

Exciting things ahead!!

We have a birthday on Saturday, but I want to try my best to stop in! Is it weird if I drag Eric along? Baha - might have to be part of our afternoon "date." :D

Tina Steibel said...

Some girl is going to consider herself sooo lucky to call him husband someday.

Crystal L said...

LOVE Stella and Layla's dress...I MUST get that for Payton. Please let me know when it will be there...too cute and so are your models!!!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

oh..... (what Tina said) :-)

I'm so excited to see you girls on Saturday and all your hard work. I may be in the dog house for spending too much but what the hell :) Loving the pink table!

Stella and Layla are so so so adorable. How lucky are they to be two little girls and their mom's own a boutique?!? EXTREMELY!!!! XO