Wednesday, February 5, 2014


well, it's another snow day for us.
ugh - i am seriously over snow days.
and snow.
and ugh - can we just have a normal week, once?
i have to admit that's why blog posts have been few and far between.
i feel like since the holidays we just haven't had a normal week once.
this isn't going to be a poor me post, it's going to be a please tell me i'm NOT alone post.
life is just crazy busy!!
it was like the holidays.
then snow days.
then missed school.
then trying to get back into a routine and another snow day.
oh and let's throw in there preparing taxes.
and trying to survive from Christmas, and the why did i spend money on pointless stuff feeling.
and keeping a clean house, and making sure laundry is done.
oh yes, and let's juggle a full time job in there.
ps - celebrating SEVEN years at my job today.  yay!
blessed to work for such a great company.
even a company who lets me work from home.
but why do i have the horrible mom gut feeling when i work from home but take the kids to the baby sitter.
because work is busy.  ahhh - but i still have that horrible, feeling.
please tell me i am not alone.
seriously i keep checking the clock like crap, they have been there three hours, i need to go get them.
but then work will get pushed to the side, which will equal playing catch up at 10:00 tonight.
so yes, sorry, life is busy.
again - please tell me i'm not alone.

so this is a plea to mother nature.  enough with the snow.
we get it.  seriously.
i promise i will recycle more, use less energy, whatever it is you want us to do.
let's just get back to normal, ok.
we all need some fresh air, and just a nice freaking day.
a break already - ok!!
please and thank you.


Amanda aka Manda said...

I feel the same way about the weather! YAY for 7 years! That's awesome!

Sarah said...


i am SO over this weather. I want 70 & sunny!

PS congrats on 7 years! WOOHOOOO :)

Adrien said...

Haha, you are so not alone! On top of everything I've been a prisoner in my own home for the last three days waiting on our internet guy to come fix problems they created. This was supposed to be a full week of blogging for me. Nope. Our whole schedule is upside down. I can't even let my kids play in their room, because that's where the internet hook up is. I'm about to lose my mind.

Anonymous said...

chance of snow on Saturday.
I hate it too. I am SO over snow & temperatures no where near freezing. ENOUGH ALREADY!

I don't have snow days or a puppy to potty train, but I'm with ya on life is just crazy buys right now.