Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

soooo - about going to bed at 7:00 on friday.
that WOULD have happened, and i was close to falling asleep.
but jon made me get up and we headed out to have drinks with his parents.
four margs later - i was sleeping in the bathroom.
at home of course.
lord not at the restaurant.
it was not pretty.
which results in a very slow moving saturday morning.
jon and his dad headed over to install my new washer and dryer.
lacie came bearing lunch.
and as the day got longer, i started feeling a LITTLE bit better.
the highlight of my weekend was making erin's quinoa pizza casserole.
so i have never made quinoa, and i was scared to make it.
just like erin said - mastering it makes you feel like you conquered the world.  lol.
and holy smokes - it was AMAZING.
seriously - make it now - go here to get the deets.
even jon ate it - mostly i think he just loved eating it so he could say quinoa over and over....
we shared some with my mom and with my bff kim - who both gave it two thumbs up.
sunday - i slept until almost noon.
like i don't even know how that happened.
oh wait, yes i do, four margs on friday, that's how that happened.
worked at the sts store for a bit and picked up my babies at 3:00.
the rest of the evening was chill at home and perfect.

short and sweet little wrap up.
have a great week!


The Pink Growl said...

STS Store is keeping y'all busy busy busy! NO wonder my girl is so tired!

Kim Luke said...

I confess I ate the quinoa for lunch yesterday. I added hot sauce of course. It was so good! I need to make this!!!!

thanks for everything this weekend! <3

Jackie said...

tequila makes me sleepy. So I understand the whole drink-margaritas-and-sleep. :)

Amanda aka Manda said...

I'm definitely trying that recipe! Saturday I had an encounter with a margarita, I mean tequila slushy. One put me on my butt. Sounds like it wasn't a good margarita weekend for either of us.