Thursday, January 9, 2014


so we have been in our new house almost eight months.  crazy!!
and i feel like we haven't talked about in forever.
why, well because i feel like we haven't done much to it, in forever.
but is the list of ideas still growing?
bahaha - you bet cha!!
not sure how far jon will actually get while reading this post.
i'm going to guess he has already closed out by now.
so - if cassie has her way, there's just a few SMALL (kinda) projects i/we would like done in 2014.
so let's all say a small prayer they happen.

first - and easiest - getting a round table.
just like this.
oh i just love.
and actually i have a round table - just need to DIY it a bit.
and find four chairs.
i have this picture in mind - and i love it!
anyone have four chairs they wana sell.....
and some flowers they wana bring me.... kidding.

and then the closet - oh how i have been talking about this closet.  to me i see this as a quick project.
let's pray that's the case.
basically right now i just have the closet on the left and the right is an open space to a completely random closet, that will be made into a hall closet.  promise - it makes sense.
but oh if i could just lay in my bed and stare at a double closet.
life would be good.  oh so good.

and the last - but probably the most important.
the bathroom reno.
and nothing about a bathroom renovation sounds fun - or easy.
i have my eye on this beauty on craigslist.
oh a vessel sink - how i love thee.
and i already have this dark tile.  which i love too.
i see picture one and two coming together- beautiful i tell you.  just beautiful.
remind me to go back to this post when we are knee deep in this bathroom renovation.....

so there you have it - my three (pretty please, let's do this jon) projects for 2014.
wish us luck.


The Pink Growl said...

I have a round table and I always want a more rectangular one. I guess you always want what you don't have, right? LOOOOVE that closet!

Anonymous said...

The closet thing took me a minute to understand. The one closet to the right will become a hall closet, correct? That's a good idea!

Adrien said...

Can't wait to see the house projects this year!

I LOVE round pedestal tables, too, and someday when we have an eat-in kitchen and separate dining room that's exactly what I'm going to have. We've been sitting on the fancy furniture since we inherited it from Eric's grandma, haha. I want my casual dining back.

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Love your taste!!! Can't wait to see what comes about :) Good Luck!!!!

Jackie said...

I've been in my apartment for nearly 3 months and I still don't have a dining set. I dream of a farmhouse table...but not in my small 1 bedroom apartment ha