Five on Friday!!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Five on Friday!!

let's go ahead and chalk this up to one pretty awesome week.
busy - but awesome.
here we go:

of course was the wedding.  my sister's NYE wedding.
and i mean - isn't she just gorgeous.
the dress was just perfect for her!  so danielle!
and free!  did i ever tell you that?
my gpa steibel said for every granddaughter he has he will buy her a wedding dress.
he has 10!!  ha.  and he has held true to his word.  go gpa!
i wonder if i get two dresses or if i have to wear the same one again?  lol.  kidding....

the photographer from the wedding snapped this picture of stella and i getting ready.
i just love it.  you look at it and it makes you smile.

my fam.  i think we looked great!

oh my goodness - a little tux.  a little guy.  too too cute.

and last but not least we picked up our new doggie on new years day.
and needless to say we are all in love.
stella named her lucy.
i mean - gaw - heart - exploded.

have a great weekend everyone.  stay warm!!  holy smokes it's cold outside.
see ya monday!


Amanda aka Manda said...

The wedding was so beautiful! You, Stella, and Henry all looked amazing! And your new puppy is SOOOOOO cute!!

The Pink Growl said...

You and Stella looked so pretty for the wedding!! Henry was handsome too! Loved the red dresses! A new puppy!!!!!!

Lisa { Showered With Design } said...

aww the wedding looks so pretty! & the pup is precious!

xo Would love for you to join in for the Inspire Me 2014 Blog Challenge!
Showered With Design

Anonymous said...

So happy for Danielle & Tate!! She looked gorgeous! :)

and that picture of you and Stella LOVE!!!!

Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

Your grandpa is awesome! I really laughed out loud at your dress comment!

I love little Lucy already!