Weekend Wrap Up

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

sorry for the day late weekend wrap up.
had a sick kid yesterday.
well, more like a kid with a nasty rash.
ever heard of fifths disease?  sounds worse than it is.
hoping that it goes away before the wedding he is in, in TWO weeks....
nothing like a rashy looking ring bearer.
on to the weekend.
friday - we went to see santa.
everyone was pumped to see him.  the line wasn't terribly long.
and then it was out turn.....
and for the fourth year in a row - we hate santa.....
after that S&H headed to daddy's for the weekend.
jon and i ran some errands, ate a late dinner and to bed early.
wild 27 year olds we are.
saturday i tried my hardest to sleep in, but i was wide awake at 7:45.
but i got SO much done!  yay!
i was on the road to pick up lacie and head to springfield before noon.
dad made these fun coolie cups for us to use.  i love them!
that later read - i'm the cuter bridesmaid - ha - sorry lac.....
we ugly sweatered it up and then headed out for some sushi and drinks!
it was a fun time - and boy did we get some looks.  but most people LOVED the sweaters.  lol.
sunday morning we all slept in, then headed out for breakfast.
said our goodbyes and we were back on the road by noon.
i got a chance to finish up MOST of my christmas shopping and then headed home to wrap.
when S&H came back from their dad's we headed out with nana to see tom's trains.
henry was in heaven.
this guy had 25 trains set up in his house and henry didn't know where to look first.  his eyes were wide the whole time - it was adorable!!
and yes - we still wear rainboots every where we go!  lol.
monday we were back to the grind.
until i had to leave and take henry to the doctor.
luckily he is in good spirits.
we enjoyed a nice little lunch date - just me and him.  that one on one time with your kid is SUPER nice sometimes.  and much needed.  i need to try and do this more.
we picked up sissy and then headed home so mom could try and get some work done.
of course - no naps happened, but i did manage to get some work done.  so yay!
fingers crossed we make it through the rest of the week.
and then next week is christmas - CRAZY!!
have a great week.


Amanda aka Manda said...

Looks like such a fun weekend! The picture with Santa is too funny. Hopefully S wasn't too horrified. I love the picture of you and Jon and the kids. Super cute! Hope H's rash goes away soon!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Oh Stella, you made me laugh! I'm sorry to find comedy in your obvious time of crisis ;-) Hopefully one day you will look back on this a laugh too! We forwent the Santa picture because of the same reason as in your pic and decided to have holiday photos taken. It went mucho better!

We have a train under our Christmas tree this year and Victoria loves to sound the horn and say, "all aboard". Cutest thing ever!

I would say you had a pretty handsome lunch date! I can't believe how big he looks, especially with his cute hair cut. Watch out girls!!!!

Anonymous said...

Poor Henry! Hope the rash isn't painful.

I noticed the rain boots when you posted these pics on fb. haha still his favorite :)

Kacie said...

I had 5ths disease in 5th grade :) it was soooo itchy and the school I went to had no AC. The heat made it itch so much more. :/ I feel for you Henry!

Lisa { Showered With Design } said...

I just found your blog! Love the Christmas sweaters!

Would love for you to take part next week for your Weekend Recap


Showered With Design

Adrien said...

Aw, poor Henry. Fifth's disease is a pain - just keep him far away from pregnant women. Hope he gets over it soon!

Love your sweaters. :D (And I don't blame the kids, truth be told, Santa kind of freaks me out in real life, too. Haha.) Looks like you are having a great Christmas season!

The Pink Growl said...

I want Henry. He's the cutest of cute!