It's Going Down!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It's Going Down!

big exciting stuff here people!
STS officially has keys to a STORE!!
last night i waited patiently in the car like this
yes - champagne in hand.
ps - this is the only champagne i am allowed to drink.
jon's orders.  it's a fraternity thing.... ayi, i'll never understand.
but i do have to admit - it's good :)
once kim got there and she talked business with the owner, he handed her the keys and then the photo session started!!
of course dressed in our STS best!!
so yes - obviously a TON of work to be done, but we have quite the incentive for jon to get it all done.
we are hoping within the next two months to be open.
and then the sky is the limit from there.
we almost have 5k fans on fb - stuff is flying off our shelves.
we are some happy happy girls!
have a great wednesday!


Tina Steibel said...

So proud of you daughter.


Anonymous said...

SO happy for you girls!!! This is awesome. I can't wait to come see the place! :) Congratulations!!!!

Amanda aka Manda said...

This is SO amazing! SOOO excited for you guys!!

Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

So exciting, congratulations!!

Adrien said...

Exciting!! Congratulations!

Sarah said...

congrattttts :) I need to make some purchases! do you guys ship?!

Kacie said...

Exciting!!! I need a summer job!!!!