Tuesday, October 29, 2013


i think i'm going to have to give myself credit.
this will be katy perry's next release.
just wait for it.....

they are playing it all the time on sirius radio and you can bet i have one hell of a car concert going on every.single.time.

not going to lie when my girl kacie first started her obsession with katy i wasn't all on board.
i have to admit - i so am now!!

the words especially in this song.
love.  i think they hit home hard for me and jon.  awwww.
and i like it!

so thank you kacie.
and thank you katy.

and now i need to go and get my hands on this whole cd.
i have been listening to it on spotify the last two days and i can't stop!!
it's so good.



Anonymous said...

:) so sweet

Amanda aka Manda said...

Such a beautiful song! Love that it means something to you and Jon!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Loving Katy more and more as well and def love this song! Very sweet that you can relate to the words with someone special to you <3 Thanks for sharing!

Kacie said...

Eeeee...I am so excited you are loving her! I preordered the CD on iTunes :) Now I need to bring over her DVD so you can fall even more in love with her. And now, when I hear this song, I think of you :)