Move Over Lorde...

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Move Over Lorde...

there's a new girl in town.
i have said it time and time again - homegirl LOVES to sing.
she gets into it.
and seriously she knows ALL the words to SO many songs.
it's just the cutest thing ever!
one happy momma right here.
i'm going to have to say she's pretty good too.
especially her facial expressions.  lol.
i can see it now, the two of us singing away.
just call us the judds.  ha.  kidding.



The Pink Growl said...

HER FACE!!! Just makes it! Looooooove this!

Amanda aka Manda said...

Love it! She is just too precious!!

Kim Luke said...

OMStella!! Love this soo much!!!