it's okay...

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

it's okay...

Nugget On A Budget

a blog post two days in a row.
i like how this is feeling!!
even if it's an afternoon blog post.
so here we go...

it's ok...  to break out like a 14 year old girl on when you are almost 27...
i am just telling myself this is ok because i just need to hear that.  ok?
wait, how is it that i will be 27 in a month and two days?!  wah.

it's ok...  to be REALLY excited to have ZERO plans tonight.
i don't think that's happened in a really long time.

it's ok... to be SUPER excited that another trip to nashville is in the works.
oh my goodness super excited doesn't even begin to explain it.

it's ok... to plan your outfits around your jewelry.  i have had gold on my mind lately.
damn you STS accessories!  lol.

it's ok... to have about 6 bottles of wine, a handle of homemade wine and a pitcher of sangria left in your fridge from your sisters bridal shower.  anyone wana come over tonight and drink wine and watch ellen on the DVR?  please feel free to wear yoga pants and no makeup!

it's ok... to be super excited to have a bicycle!!
i bought one off the swap and sell because "santa" is bring S&H bikes for christmas!!
well, ONLY if they sit on santa's lap without crying.
stella promises me she will.
i can see it now: "sits on his lap, i want a bike, hops right off!"

it's ok... to announce that lacie and phil are moving back to IL!
whoops, i hope that was ok for me to announce!!
yep i think this was the kind of excitement we all had when we heard that news!

and on that note, that's all for today.
tomorrow i am linking up to talk about my 21st birthday.
oh lord help us!
have a great tuesday.
and yes i'm serious about that wine and dvr and yoga pants party tonight.  the front door will be unlocked.


The Pink Growl said...

I am with you on the wine and DVR tonight...I will probably be pantless though. Fair warning if I start drunk texting you :) haha I CAN'T WAIT FOR NASHVEGAS!!!! Love you! And PS - if you figure out how to fix your broken out face, tell me because mine is awful!

Anonymous said...

IF you weren't 45 min and it wasn't my anniversary I would be attending wine, dvr and yoga pants party!

I wish bangles worked for me. I would have purchased some from STS last night.

YAY Lacie & Phil!!!!!!

Amanda aka Manda said...

I love this post! Especially the part about Nashville!!!! 44 days!!!! And I've totally got gold on my mind lately too!

Katie said...

Wine and yoga pants sounds amazing...if only I had read this sooner ;)

Kera @ Nugget On A Budget said...

I'll come over and have a wine and yoga pants party with you! I have two kids too, so they can play while mommies play :)

I always do afternoon blog posts these days, so that's okay, too. Thanks for linking up at It's Okay!