Small Town Style - Accessories!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Small Town Style - Accessories!!

hi!  boy do i have some exciting stuff for you guys today.
we all know my bff Kim opened the most ADORABLE and AFFORDABLE online boutique called:
homegirl has the most adorable stuff i have ever seen.  and girls are LOVING it because she pretty much sells out of everything - in minutes.  crazy!
better yet nothing she sells is over $40!  nothing.
sister knows what she is doing.  and what women love.
adorable, affordable clothes without having to leave their home.
when she first started Small Town Style she asked me if i would want to join her.
i was like weeks away from buying a house and moving and life was just CRAZY!!
let's talk about four months later when she messaged me one day saying:
how would you like to take over the accessory part of Small Town Style?
i paused at my computer and all kinds of thoughts ran through my head.
but then i said, quit it cassie, do it!  what's holding you back - NOTHING!
so i replied back with - YES!  ABSOLUTELY!  OH EM GEE!
and the rest is history!!
we are here to knock this accessory business OUT OF THE PARK!
and boy do we have some CUTE CUTE stuff headed your way.
ok ok, so i know you want to see.
and well, that's what we are here to show you!
so first the accessory line details.
accessories will be posted on Mondays!  yay!  now Mondays are actually going to be enjoyable!!
we know women loves deals.  we are totally digging a buy 2 type discount.
so something like, scarves $12 each or two for $20.  bracelets $6 each or two for $10.
nothing set in stone, but come on.  i know when i see i can get a deal by buying more than one item - i buy two.  every.single.time.
ok ok, so now on to the items.....
everyone loves chevron.  everyone loves infinity scarves.  put the two together.
ADORABLE.  and yes, they are in more colors as well!!
how about leopard?  LOVE leopard!
leopard and neon - SOLD!  more colors in this too!!
bracelets and bangles for days.  they never go out of style.
everyone loves them some fun arm candy!  cute cute cute!!
what more do i have to say than bubble necklace.  LOVE these!
such an easy way to dress up a simple outfit.
we have TONS of colors coming in these!!
wrap bracelets - check!
love love love these!!
and how about this adorable arrow bracelet?  i mean - in LOVE!
ok - i don't know how many more times i can say love in this post.
eeee - sorry!  we are just SO SO excited for this new line of stuff.
PLEASE PLEASE leave a comment on here on the FB page letting us know what else you would LOVE to see!  do you have a wedding coming up and want some bridal jewelry?  tell us!  we would LOVE to help!
we are currently on the hunt for some adorable stuff:
spike bangles
pave beaded bracelets
bow cuffs
atzec infinity scarves
AND Kim has decided to host at home parties too.  so invite your friends over to your house to try on STS clothes and accessories before you buy.  seriously - the best idea ever!!
so go right now and like Small Town Style on Facebook.
and hey - good news, Kim is posting new arrivals tonight.  set.your.phones!
and then set a reminder for Monday!!
happy shopping!


Anonymous said...

How exciting!!!!!!

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

EEEkkkkkkk.......sooo exciting for you both!!!

Does that say EVERYONE loves Chevron?? Have you officially crossed over?!

Anonymous said...

love every bracelet shown here!

how about some fun stud earrings?!

Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

Ohhh I'm loving the scarves! I don't think I ever received the code or an email about the $$ off I won a few weeks back? I could do some damage with these accessories!

Kacie said...

Can not wait!!! Want that arrow bracelet!!

Adrien said...

Fun!! Can't wait to see everything. :)

Amanda aka Manda said...

I'm loving everything! I just wish y'all weren't so far away!

Kim Luke said...

hahaha love Erin's comment. :)

So excited about this!!!!!!

Let Tamara know when she sees something she wants to comment on it and remind me of her winnings!! XO

Crystal L said...

How awesome...LOVE the chevron scarf, wrap bracelets and arrow bracelet...does the arrow bracelet come in silver?

Can't wait to see what else is coming!!!

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Such cute stuff! Can't wait to do some shopping!