Five on Friday!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Five on Friday!

it's here!
Friday - i have been looking for you all week.
let's get right too it!
this week has been a struggle of ups and downs for me.
so excited to launch STS accessories and Jon might have a super fun opportunity coming his way too.
but there are ALWAYS those people who are RIGHT THERE with the negative!
why?  i do not understand these people.
not just girls either, guys too.  i just can't wrap my mind around how people just can't be happy for other people.  support them.  love them.  just say something nice!
it's so hard to be silent and just let them be.  but i am trying my best.
thanks to my girl nikki i came across indie chicks today and followed them on IG right away.
and found this.  yep - i need this today!

his future is so bright he has to wear shades.
especially camo aviators.  this boy.  too cute to handle.

totally had a childhood flash back last night.  stella and henry LOVE to pray before we eat.
henry will literally run around the house saying "bless us!" and we are just supposed to follow with.
again, he only speaks in commands.  lol.
last night stella and i were talking about how they pray at school.  i asked her what they say when they pray.  because she goes to a lutheran preschool and we are obviously catholic.
she said they say "thank you jesus for this food!"
i melted!  we used to say that all the time at the dinner table because of my little sister.
i MAY have forgotten about it just for awhile.  but we are totally saying it from here on out!
love that some traditions never stop.  thank your prairie preschool!

so kim posted one scarf set, just ONE new scarf set that we chose for the accessory line last night.
sold out in THREE minutes.
amazing.  thank you.  SO blessed!!

happy birthday to my favorite little Lala today!
that spunky little girl cracks me up.  and we just love each other so much!
can't wait to continue watching you grow.
and celebrate tomorrow at your birthday party!

happy weekend.
this weather - EEEE!!  in love!


Amanda aka Manda said...

Heni is too cute in those sun glasses. And that prayer from Stella...melts your heart! I agree with the negative people. Why can people just be happy for one another!

The Pink Growl said...

I am SO excited for STS accessories!!!!AHHHHHH! I wanted that chevron scarf!

Adrien said...

That is the one thing I miss about having Evie in public school. Too cute!!

I have no idea why anyone wastes their energy being negative. What a toxic way to live. Being happy breeds happiness..being negative breeds negativity. It always comes back around.

Anonymous said...