Front Yard Makeover

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Front Yard Makeover

hey guys!  quick little afternoon post, sorry.
so my house is close to 100 years old.
and we had these crazy bushes in front that i truly believe were close to 100 years old as well.
the roots were DEEP and those babies did NOT want to come out!
a few different methods to try to get them out.
a jeep pulling them out with a rope, nope.
a tractor pulling them out, nope.
so we had to resort to digging around them and then basically just shoveling them out with a tractor.
a mess!!
a HUGE thank you to my uncle roger, my mom and jon for getting these out.
they are awesome!
so let's go with the before.
this was after a MUCH needed trim job on the bushes.
remember this.....
and now we have this!!
isn't she cute!!
a new paint job on the roof - which was included in the house contract.
about $80 in plants and a few free ones from friends and family.
$75 in mulch.
some blood, sweat and tears.
MUCH cheaper than the $2500 quote i got from a landscaper in town.
now i need about $50 in sod to be laid down and watered.
we will try to not think about next month's water bill.......
not too bad for a little front yard makeover!!
now let's all bow our heads and pray that the plants grow.  ha.


Jackie said...

Looks AWESOME!!!!

Anonymous said...

HUGE difference! It looks really good!!!

loving the planter boxes under the windows. so so cute!

Cassie said...

thanks Jackie!!

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

Looks awesome!!! Such a difference!!!

Amanda aka Manda said...

It looks so cute! I love all your personal touches!

Adrien said...

Looks great - like the house can breathe! :) Sweat equity pays off!

Myssie Pillers said...

WOW!! Huge difference! Looks great!

sblind2 said...

wow - what a difference! I love the window planters :-)

Kelly Muench said...

Your House is Super Cute, Cassie!! You are doing an Awesome job!!! Have a good one!!