Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

a really great week, topped off by a super chill weekend.
i'm happy to report there's still three really happy people right here.
cheers to all of that!
on to the weekend....
when we got home on friday S&H were quick to put on their new SMW hard hats and help jon finish a few projects.  ok ok, really supervise.  they are great supervisors.  lol.
they were obsessed with these hats.  i think we have them as tights and as small as they can go and they still fall off theirs heads.  lol.  literally they have to hold them on when they walk.  ha.
after we finished working we grabbed our swim suits and headed to the hellers house for some pool time.
on our way back home we made a pit stop at dairy queen and called it a night.
saturday morning we met papa and the two boys that work for him at CK.  S&H didn't know what to think of the two guys at breakfast.  good thing they are funny.
after breakfast we headed to target and home depot.  everyone needed a little extra pep in their step so we grabbed some Starbucks on our way out.
happy everyone!  (ps that's just tea in their cups, NOT coffee!)
we did find these at target too!  anyone looking for a birthday gift for henry?  he's obsessed with tools!
he was a major fan of the leaf blower and the chain saw.  but i can totally see him rocking the tool belt.
once we got home we finished up some yard work/landscaping around the new door.
and finished painting stella's room upstairs.
S&H both thought it was necessary to help mom paint.  and i let them.
sure, it was messy, but they were some happy happy kids!
and i'm just happy to say - ALL THE PAINTING UPSTAIRS IS DONE!  YAY!
look at that concentration!  lol.
a long nap followed quickly after.  PTL.
i had to pray that henry would wake up before 7:00 so we could go to the church picnic and get some chicken before they stop serving.  thank goodness he did and we made it there by 7:15.  we ate some amazing food, played on the playground (i mean the rides, right jackie, lol), and then played a few games before rain came out of no where and drenched everyone.  and it was just our luck that we didn't drive there, we walked.  awesome.... PTL jackie and eli were there and gave us a ride home.  especially once we found out they had fresh cookies in their car.
happy henry!  but seriously, those cookies were awesome.  thanks again guys!
you know who wasn't happy though?  this girl.
i told some friends of mine i would start wearing my hair down more and pledged to do it for two weeks straight.  of course i wash it, straighten it and wear it down to the picnic and it freaking rains.
of course it does.  not pumped.  poof city.  no cute.
but wait - the night quickly got better.  we got a potty seat for henry at target on saturday and homeboy decided to sit on it/try it out saturday night.  he even put on a pull up.
however, ALL we had were leftover pull ups from stella.  ha.  good thing he can rock a pink pull up!
or maybe not - judging by his face he doesn't look thrilled.  but he did SO good in it!  yay heni!
sunday morning we woke up to a text from papa asking to go to breakfast again.
ummm - heck yeah.  we can't ever turn down CK breakfast.
after breakfast we ran a new errands and then came home and enjoyed some pool time in the backyard.  i put together probably my very first lasagna ever.  i know, horrible to admit.  i added some fresh zucchini and squash veggies into it and oh em gee - it was ah-mazing!
kacie and brent came over for dinner and they both said the same thing.  PTL!
kacie and brent also brought over some ice cream cake.  ummm PTL again!  lol.
jon joined us when we got off work, he ate and then and we busted out one project for the night.
dry erase board and chalk board mounted on the wall in the playroom.  yay!  we just need to make some trays at the bottom for markers and chalk and we will have some happy happy kids!
and JUST for kim and erin - here's my monday morning look.  yep, that's my hair down.  yay!
i promise it won't be in a ponytail by noon.
i promise it won't be in a ponytail by noon.
i promise it won't be in a ponytail by noon.
i promise it won't be in a ponytail by noon.
have a great week!


Anonymous said...

first...good blogger with all those weekend pictures!

love fresh landscaping. Looks good.

dry erase and chalk boards!!! FUN

hope this time around wearing white pants goes better than the last haha

The Pink Growl said...

You can keep your hair down girl! YOU CAN DO IT! I love seeing your progress on the house. I have several home projects I need to tackle, but ehhhh I haven't yet. I need your motivation!

Jackie said...

HA...yes the rides! Whatever works and she is happy! LOL! It was no problem at all! Glad you didn't have to get soaked running down the road with 2 kids! We still have the bag of cookies...I can send Loreli over tongiht so share some more...lol

Adrien said...

We've definitely been caught in the rain before and had to be rescued, haha. Oh, the joys of walking. :) Looks like a fun weekend!

Amanda aka Manda said...

Your house is coming along amazingly! So glad you had a good weekend. And your hair looks amazing down! I'm like you though...I almost always where it up and if it's down when I got into work, it's normally up by noon!

Jen Herron said...

seriously though how cute are your kiddos? they always are so happy! You are one awesome mommy!

Kim Luke said...

Landon has all of those black & decker tools too! He loves them!! Good investment momma! Every little boy needs them!

Does he have a workbench?? Aunt Kim would like to get him one if not!

lovie your hair down! proud of you. It even looks clean! lol