Adult ABCs

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Adult ABCs

I have nothing for today people.  sorry.
I was good on tuesday night and JH and i painted until 1 AM.
so yesterday i said we deserve some pool time.
a few hours of swimming and pool drinks and some margs, ayi how does that happen?
needless to say this momma was sleeping by 10.  ha.
my girl neri did these adult ABC's today on her blog and i thought hell i haven't done one of these in forever, why not.  so, enjoy!

A. Attached or Single?
clearly not married.

B. Best Friend? 
hands down my best friends are my sisters.  
but my girl to turn to when i wana get wild is always my bff kim.

C. Cake or pie? 
pie.  either double layer pumpkin or chocolate ribbon from country kitchen.  i have had this as a straight up birthday cake many many times.
ok, and i will only say cake, if ice cream cake counts.

D. Day of choice?
i think i'm going to have to go with thursdays. 
i mean it is margarita thursday after all.

E. Essential item? 
my iphone.

F. Favorite color? 

G. Gummy bears or worms?  
worms.  so good.

H. Hometown? 
technically it's renault.  yep, no shame.  
i would still go back and buy that house we lived in if i could.

I. Favorite indulgence? 
margs!  duh.

J. January or July? 
hmmm, i have to say january.  just finishing up the holidays and gearing up for ms. stella's birthday.  things are pretty chill.  i like it!

K. Kids? 
blessed with 2 perfect babies.  easy pregnancies, easy deliveries.  easy kids.
and damn they're cute!

L. Life isn’t complete without? 
being surrounded by the ones you love.

M. Marriage date? 
it was 9.19.09  yes, national talk like a pirate day.

N. Number of brothers/sisters? 
2 sisters, one older one younger.  they are both the favorites.  ha.
see standing all alone, trying to fit in.  damn you maria.

O. Oranges or Apples? 
apples.  any way shape or form.  

P. Phobias? 
big crowds.  i have the biggest fear of losing someone in a big crowd.

Q. Quotes? 
this too shall pass.

R. Reasons to smile? 

S. Season of choice?  
fall.  hands down!

T. Tag 5 People.  
i hate doing that shit.  sorry, not tagging anyone.

U. Unknown fact about me? 
oh goodness, ummmm, 
i was class president three out of the four years of high school.

V. Vegetable? 
eeee, not good with my veggies at all.  if i had to live with one the rest of my life maybe i'd say cucumbers.  weird, i know.  

W. Worst habit? 
talking WAY to fast.  whoops!

X. Xray or Ultrasound? 
i couldn't tell you the last time i had to have an x-ray.  does getting one at the dentist even count?  and the only ultrasounds i have had were when i was pregnant.

Y. Your favorite food? 
stuffed peppers.  oh man i could go for some right now!

Z. Zodiac sign? 
scorpio.  but i don't follow or understand that stuff.  at times i wish i did, when people are like oh, she's totally a leo i am like how do you know that?!

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ends tonight at midnight!!  good luck.
happy margarita thursday!


Tina Steibel said...

I am sorry but that picture with you and your sister. I love how high you would pull up your pants. This was the phase after you would only wear granny dresses for 2 yes 2 years. Plus your socks had to be folded down, not slouched, folded.AYYYHHHH

Cassie said...

again - i have NO IDEA where my daughter gets it from. lol.

Cassie said...
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Adrien said...

Haha, I hate tagging people for stuff, too! I think these are fun to read. :)

Anonymous said...

you better not have shame from saying you are from Renault :) I dont! I still live there, But not for long thank goodness, lol :) By the way...i am pretty sure you COULD buy that house. Seems no one has lived there for the past 6 months or so- i could be wrong with that assumption though.

Anonymous said...

I read your blogs the way you talk. hahah FAST. I feel like that is how it is suppose to be read.

Remember Mrs. Delaney's class when we had to do a presentation? It was your turn to read something and I whispered to you sllooowww down! hahaha

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Love this!

Sarah North said...

Thomas has that little froggy drummer shirt too :)

Katie said...

I'm with you on the pie/ice cream cake. Luckily, Jake's family makes really good pies for every family birthday, holiday, and get together. So good!