Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

hi!  happy monday!
it's supposed to be in the 80s all week.
what whattttt!!  SO excited!
let's get started with our weekend....
friday night was family night.
when we got home aunt danielle had some lasagna in the oven.  man, we need to really consider hiring her full time.  nana headed over and aunt lacie joined us once she was done with the wedding stuff.
it was one happy house!
there's those guitar pants again.  i won't tell you how many nights in a row she wears those....
saturday morning aunt lacie up was bright and early and headed out to get ready for the wedding.
me and S&H and aunt danielle headed to the YMCA kids day in town.
it was SO nice.  AND best of all ms. stella got over her fear of the bounce house.
she took off her shoes, was a little timid, but then jumped RIGHT in.
i seriously sat back watching her over come this "fear" and i was so happy for her.
we have payed for many a bounce houses homegirl decides at the last minute she doesn't want to go in.  so of course the one FREE bounce house we find, she jumps right in.  lol.  needless to say i think a bounce house will be making an appearance at a birthday party at our house soon!!  sarah k you still have one?
after the kids day we headed to meet papa for lunch and then headed home to get ready for the wedding.
S&H opted for no naps, but they were super good in church.  henry busted out a few lines to happy birthday during the ceremony, but that's about it.  lol.  it's his new favorite song.  last week there was a birthday at connie's house and henry was singing happy birthday all day.  when it came time to sit at the table and sing it, he refused to sing.  ha.  i can almost see his face now like, "look i've been singing this damn song all day and no one would sing with me, but NOW i'm supposed to sing with you fools, yeah right!"  ha.  oh hen.
and let's talk about the bride and groom - wow - amazing.
stole this from her FB page.  seriously, they are gorgeous!!
and of course we had to get a group photo since we were all together.
henry's face - lol.  less than pumped.
we headed to the reception.  which was at the world shooting complex.  or as stella would refer to it, the garage.  ha.  she asked that while we were there, "mom are we in a garage?"  hilarious.
henry decided to take a 45 minute nap during dinner.
and when sister found the dance floor she didn't want to leave the rest of the night.
like no joke when the bride and groom were doing the bouquet toss and everything, stella was straight up mad that she had to get off the dance floor.  ayi.
word on the street is aunt lacie had a REALLY good time.  lol.
sunday morning everyone was up bright and early.
we went to gma steibel's birthday party that afternoon and had a blast on the farm!
all those girls and just two boys.  two.  plus add the six great grand children and that's only adding two more boys.  so that's boys 4 girls 14.  ha!
we finished up our evening with a good two hour nap, some happy meals, a walk and later JH came over.  i think we are call that a pretty awesome weekend!


Shannon Snodgrass said...

YAY for family weekends! It sounds like you all had a great one. Your family is just the opposite of mine. We have all boys... and me! I was the only girl out of all of my siblings and my cousins until about 3 years ago my cousin and his wife (named Shannon) had a baby girl and then I had my daughter Victoria. She said, leave it to the Shannon's to bring back estrogen to the family... hahahaha Crazy!!!

Have a great week and enjoy the weather!! Lot's of walks planned this week ;) XO

Adrien said...

Love weddings! Sounds like you had so much fun with the family this weekend! I'm glad Stella overcame a "fear." I get that. I remember when Evie was afraid of bath tubs and ball pits. :D

Anonymous said...

Stella's fear of bounce houses reminded me of that movie with Reese Witherspoon & Vince Vaugh.

Glad you had a good weekend with the family!

Esme said...

Beautiful pictures! Your babies are adorable! Glad she conquered her fear!

The Pink Growl said...

where can I get me some of them guitar pants for myself??

Sarah said...

First of all, OH MY GAH henny's tie :)

okay now that that is over I am glad you had a good weekend!! The YMCA day sounded like blast!!

happy monday..two days til margarita wednesday :)