S&H Take Over

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

S&H Take Over

happy rainy tuesday!
lawd it was amazing yesterday outside and today it's just gross.
i love living in the midwest, i love living in the midwest, i love living in the midwest
it's been awhile since S&H have taken over the blog.
last night they had a come to jesus with me.
"mom - your blog has been boring lately.  some days just depressing.  let us help you a little bit."
so without further ado i present to you S&H....
hi!!  first off thank you for coming here day in and day out and complimenting on how sweet and cute we are.  honestly.  THANK YOU.  it does wonders for us.  because some days we get that look from mom that says, 'you two are driving me crazy!!' and we politely remind her of all the nice comments left on her blog about us.  and because she's a total softie, she takes a deep breath, tells us we are right and the worlds a better place.
ha - we have her wrapped around out little fingers!!
so here's a little more insight on us, the good, the bad and the ugly style.
of course there's always more good than anything else (insert head tilt and smile).

we LOVE to pray.  stella can bust out the dinner prayer in about 3 seconds flat.
and henry proudly shouts AMEN as soon as she's done.
mom tells us every time we are done how cute it was.
we are just glad it's time to eat.

speaking of eating we really are good eaters.  we will eat just about anything mom makes.
however we'd rather live off of deer sausage.
for every.single.meal.
henry believes the dog should live by this philosophy too....

we are extremely picky when it comes to our clothes.
and it drives our mother coo-coo.
stella believes t-shirt should be worn daily and to every outing ever created.
sometimes even the same t-shirt day after day.  without being washed.
henry thinks sandals should be worn daily and to every outing ever created.
usually this includes socks.  yes, sandals and socks.

we don't do well when we hear the words, 'time to leave the park.'
it's never words we enjoy hearing.
and usually for some reason it ends in mom running down the hills at lincoln park pushing us in the stroller.  we have yet to figure out why she is running away from all the people starring at her at the park.....

stella secretly wants to be a conehead.
mom says this picture cracks her and danielle and lacie up.

and henry has a magical power to make mommy buy him stuff - see this tractor mom, buy it for me.
yep - she totally bought him this tractor.  even though it wasn't green.

see - we aren't too bad now are we?
good thing we are so dang cute!


sblind2 said...

dinner prayers are the best ... Brody usually hangs on to the AAAAAAMENNNNN forever (even at Olive Garden)

Kim Luke said...

Seriously perfect way to end my work day!
Love seeing your little babies! Love them more every day! :)

Adrien said...

I love this! So cute. :)