Random Wednesday

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Random Wednesday

we're alive!
yesterday we took a mental health day.
and it.was.awesome!!
especially when it involves sleeping in, breakfast at ck, a walk and the park.
happy mommy, stella and henry!
so let's link up with the ever so cute shanna and let's play catch up....
you wana know what happens when stella decides to hang out with nana while me and henry go to the grocery store...... henry FINALLY gets to push the baby cart!!
i am totally with sarah when she says that the second child will NEVER get to use the baby cart.  or at least until he's able to vote or something.  but lawd homeboy was on a mission.  just look at the seriousness in his face.  "just tell me where to push this cart momma, i'm right behind you.  whoops, just knocked off four boxes of cereal, can you get those for me, i'll meet you by the bread."
and it's not uncommon to head back to nana's house to find these two playing stella's FAVORITE game.  twista.  yep, she's gangster like that.  you better take your socks and shoes off as fast as you can and hope you haven't had anything to drink because you are moving around and switching spots faster than you can think.  it's like a mini workout.
henry thinks he needs to be the spinner..... ayi, it's quite the cheap entertainment.
oh and that outfit my daughter is wearing?  HER FAVORITE OUTFIT EVER.  we wear it daily.  PTL for the few days she goes to daddy's because i can actually launder it.  ayi yi yi.  she calls them her comfy pants. if her and henry are anything alike, i'm dreading croc season.  she loves her some crocs.  i can see it now.  comfy pants plus crocs.  help me!  and henry lately LOVES him some dress shoes.  with anything.  doesn't matter if they match the pants or not....  where did these kids get their fashion sense??!!
and of course, without socks.  no idea where they get that from.....  whoops!
so if you spot us at the local DQ with papa just ignore our outfits of choice ok.  we are working on independence.....?!  sure, sounds good.  see, there's that shirt again....

oh well, i can handle the crazy outfits, dizzy games of twister and picking up countless items knocked off the grocery store shelves because it's moments like this when nothing else matters
be still my heart <3 p="">
happy margarita wednesday!!


Anonymous said...

I always love me some comfy pants. No crocs though :)

Sarah said...

BAHAHA i need to play twister. I am so not flexible anymore..so she would probably show me up!

and girlfriend, you know i hate any type of button pants. Comfy pants all day err day!

get a marg for me :)

Anonymous said...

I use to LOVE those little carts!

That last picture :) such a good big sister!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Comfy pants all the way! We agree with Stella at my house. As soon as we get home, comfy pants all the way around. If we decided to wear them out, we would blend in here in Jeff Co where it is not unheard of to see several people shopping in their pj's. Ai yi yi!!! Seriously, this woman was in front of me in her nearly see thru, worn so thin pj pants, no undies, the same for the top, no bra, boobs down to there, every bit of 250lbs, fuzzy pink house shoes so freakin dirty and this crazy as all get out troll hair. I was in awe.... as in awful and disgusted. I begged my inner self to look away but.... Ewwwww!! Now, I apologize for that mental picture you just got ;-)

Anywho, I lovie seeing all the pictures of your smiling babes! They are the happiest little people! I'm guessing their awesome mommy might just have something to do with that! XO

Adrien said...

Baha, high five Stella - wearing my comfy pants right now. ;) I love Henry's face in the grocery cart picture. He knows he's big stuff!

Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

Girlfriend is smart already - nothing beats some comfy pants!

Dara said...

we always have take 2 baby carts!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Comfy pants always - yes

Crocs - no. Never!