Random Wednesday

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Random Wednesday

well today is a good day, welcome back fish fry season!!  trust me you've been missed.
gah is it just me or are you not craving a fish sandwich and some coleslaw like crazy today?  don't get me wrong, long john silvers is right down the street (hush puppies anyone) but that has nothing on a good catholic church fish fry.  the catholic church may not have their shit together in some areas, but when it comes to a fish fry, we don't mess around.  so while none of you care about my fish fry obsession, let's move on:
this is going to be about as random as random can get.  sorry.
i am going to stand up and say i'm a horrible blogger this week.
i am eye balls deep in work and had a sick kid last night.  nothing makes for a sleepless night like puke and fevers.  especially puke in your bed.  and it's not yours.
so needless to say i pulled out my coffee IV this morning and have only left my office to pee.
i have no mushy gushy stuff to write about valentine's day.  mostly because i'm not mushy gushy at all.  i'm cold hearted remember.  cold.  lonely.  mean.  ha, kidding.
and i already gave my kids their valentine's day presents.  well, really stella found the target bag sitting in the front seat of the car and just decided to give herself her valentine's day present.  you're welcome sweetie.
i want to enter henry into the cute kid contest our local paper is having but the only pictures i have of him that i want to turn in he's either shirtless or pantsless.  hmmm...  that probably won't fly.
but damn he's cute! :)
m&ms anyone?  preferably abbie.  he shares ALL of his food with abbie.
i swear i hear a couple times a night stella say, 'mom henry's feeding the dog!'  ayi yi yi.
in other news who can't wait to see all 324983298 pictures of the flowers people get for valentine's day tomorrow.  gah - NO ONE.  please.  refrain.  please.  trust me i'm not jealous one bit.  i'm just saying it because some people are just afraid to.  again, cold hearted.  ha.  in fact i have a strict no flowers at work policy.  you wana know why?  because i drive 42 miles ONE WAY.  stop and pick up my kids.  and there's a 90% chance they won't make it home alive.  and if they do - it's not cute and my floor board is soaked.
so anyways - back to work.  happy valentine's day eve.  did you freaking see that easter stuff is out already in stores?  geesh, let us get through valentine's day first!!
don't forget to treat yourself to a fish fry tonight!!


Shannon Snodgrass said...

Wooo Hooo, love me some fish fry season!! MMM MMM :-) I couldn't wait to have a fish sandwich today and it was so yummy!

I was thinking and finally decided to give up fast food for lent. It's going to be a hard one with my crazy life and all but I'm going to be strong and get it done.

Agree on the flowers! I drive 42 miles one way and it never fails, I break a flower off or spill water in the box I so perfectly tried to pack it in so it will ride in the floor without tipping. Nope, not so much, haha!

P.S. LOVE the pic you posted yesterday with Stella talking to the wall. I laughed so hard. They are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Bk's fish last year was not a good turn out for me. Maybe I will try the ol catholic church fish fry. I mean I probably won't but maybe!

OMG flowers sent to work is pretty much the best thing ever. For someone who doesn't enjoy their job it is nice to get something pretty delivered JUST for you!! Unfortunately for me my husband doesn't see it that way :(

Mallory said...

I personally was super excited for the Easter stuff being out. You know why? Three Words: Cadbury Creme Eggs.
If someone were to send me a bouquet of those instead of flowers, I definitely wouldn't have a problem with that. ;)

JanM ♥ said...

Thank you for the reminder that today is the first day of Lent! Now planning on what I'm going to make on Friday for dinner!:D

I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested. :)

Kim Luke said...

What!!! No flowers in a box?????

Hello, I want to have fish with you sometime. OK!?!?!?

Not only are you a bad blogger this week, but a bad BFF. HA, I kid, But you know what I mean.


Beth said...

I'm not Catholic, but I look forward to fish fry season every single year!!! You are correct, those folks know what they're doing. Plus, it's fried. Everything is better fried!

Lauren @ Love, Water and Wine said...

I'm cold hearted too :)

42 miles one way? That's crazy! I cannot imagine.

And I love me some church fish fry too! Tis the season!

Anonymous said...

Um, I want some fish.

And it's ok to be cold hearted.

Someone I work with asked me: What are you doing for Valentine's Day?

Me: Do I look like the type of person who celebrates Valentine's Day?


Michelle Haake said...

I am SO excited about fish fry season! I've been counting the days! Our local legion has some fishtastic food...haha. Just know you are not alone. I order fish often when I go out to eat too. I don't know where I get it.