Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

linking up with my favorite girls today
let's get to the weekend
friday night we got together with our bffs, the lukes and the odoms, for our last christmas shin-dig.
of course we tried our best to get all the kids in one photo.....
ha - these crack me up.  landon holding layla and she's clearly not having any of it.  henry is pants less (of course).  stella is just standing there smiling.  faye says forget this, i'm out.  and then we just get stella and landon cheesing as hard as they can.  lol.  the presents went over well.  stella got a stroller that three grown women couldn't even put together.  ha.  and we swear we didn't even drink that much.  oh well, it got put together eventually.  PTL.  it was the perfect ending to the christmas season.
saturday morning we got up and headed to CK.  just us three.  it was kinda nice.  my mom met us at the end and S&H headed to hang out with her for a bit while i took the christmas tree down.  45 minutes later our house looks bare and i was kinda sad.  therefore i left the christmas cards up still.  ha.  mostly i did it for stella because she LOVES the cards so much.  especially one card that has a baby's naked butt on it.  yes my child loves buttcracks.  i bet she says the word buttcrack a few times a day.  especially when aunt danielle is home....ha, kidding aunt danielle!
that afternoon we met my dad and lacie for lunch BACK at CK.  my kids were wound up.  buck and kacie showed up too and we loved seeing them!  once we were done with lunch danielle and tate showed up and we started getting everything ready for the big texas send off that night.
the party was GREAT.  and awesome turn out.  a bunch of people, a lot of wine and a few tears.
we told people to dress in their western attire.  this is about as western as we get.
and no phil is not my baby daddy/boyfriend/etc.  even though it looks like it in the top picture.  ha.  he should have put his arm around me to make it more believable.  that'll get people talking.  just what we need!
thanks to chelsea for the awesome pretzel from Gus's.  it was a huge hit!
henry's bff wyatt showed up too.  i mean how freaking cute are the two of them?!
of course we got a sister picture, even added our step sister into one, and our sista into the other.  lol.
my dad and step mom took the western attire to the next level.  along with a friend of phil's.  too funny.
we awarded them best dressed of the night.  my dad said he might go to lacie's work today dressed like this again.  she works at a bank.  not the best idea dad.  but hilarious.
all in all it was a great party and everyone is super sad to see them leave.
sunday morning we all kinda slept in which was great!  then we headed to nana's house to help lacie and phil open presents.  we literally relaxed the entire rest of the day.  the kids and i even got in an almost THREE hour nap.  PTL!  the kids headed to josh's house when he got off work to help him celebrate his birthday and i plopped down to watch the biggest loser and cry my damn eyes out.
we have a busy week!  tonight the kids are at josh's so it's floor to ceiling cleaning night for me.  i know, i know the WILD life of a 26 year old single mom.  wednesday we say our goodbyes to lacie and phil.  and we all know that won't be pretty.  thursday is my friday.  and friday i'm off to nashville.  holla!!
have a great week!


keepingupwithkristen said...

Whew! You had a busy weekend, girlfrand!

"and we swear we didn't even drink that much." This is yet another reason why I love you. Tell Stella that Auntie KK from GA (that she has never met) will come put her stroller together if mama can't handle it ; )

You look so pretty in your pink western wear. And Henry? Glad to see he kept his pants on for the picture! Happy Monday!!

sblind2 said...

Awe - the best of luck to Lacie & to you on Wednesday :'(

I'm watching the BL for the first time this season ... about every 10 min Matt looked over and was like "are you crying (AGAIN)" I'm like "YEP (sob)!"

Kim Luke said...

seriously, love those picture from friday!! they all just make me smile. perfect beautiful mess! :)

Stella does love the baby booty..she pointed out to me on friday which card had a butt on it!! hilarious!!

Lacie's party looks so fun! Your dad & Pam just crack me up! Troopers for sure!

I'll be thinking of you Wednesday!! :'(((( SO sad! But Lacie is happy so that definitely cancels out a teeny tiny part of the sadness!!

love you! cant wait for the weekend!

Katie said...

I love that you all have button up shirts on with the sleeves rolled up :)

Jealous you are going to Nashville! I wanted to go there for our one year anniversary. Have fun!! Take pictures!

Nicole Hedden said...

So you're daughter likes to say butt crack too! Zo also likes to throw in "FART" and boob crack... just wait

Also, LOVE gus's pretzels! Glen introduced me to them, ugh now I'm addicted!