Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

happy wednesday!
just go with it people.  i mean come on it totally is wednesday though right?
only a three day work week this week.  makes sense.  i can handle that!
so of course i'm in a great mood - on to the weekend.....
friday night was the lighted parade to kick off the holiday festivities in town.
we had a great time!!  because we love parades.  and because we love candy.
a win win for everyone!  even if i ended up being the only one picking up candy.....
we joined erin and lyla, kendra and faye and nana.  even dad and abbie made an appearance!
we headed back to nana's house to play for a bit and then everyone headed home and crashed.
saturday morning we all got up around seven and i took S&H to daddy's house to hang out with grandma.
and i was off to ck to work.
after i got off i headed out to do some MAJOR shopping.
did you know old navy was having a BOGO 75% off for cardholders?
yeah i got $340 worth of clothes for $192.  boom and boom.
i promise santa wasn't shopping and drinking BUT after i laid out everything i got for S&H, i'm questioning it.
after a long evening of shopping some left over pie from ck, chill time and tv were exactly what i needed!
sunday morning i was back at ck.  once i got off i headed to josh's to get S&H.
and everyone was happy!!
man oh man i love this kid.
lacie and phil came over later to play and eat some left over ice cream cake.
i wish i could insert here a picture of the deer lacie got, but no such luck.
i kinda think maybe phil didn't want her to get a deer since he didn't get one...... just saying....
however my cousin veronica got a deer AND has a pretty funny story to share for her first experience.
it's TOTALLY going in the Annette Gazette.
we took baths, put in Cars and everyone was sleeping by 8:45.  ahhhhhhh.


Kim Luke said...

Still bummed I missed the lighted parade!
love your weekend!

PS. I'm going to email you a present idea for Stella............. Please say yes.

Katie said...

Happy parade family.

Holy Christmas shopping!!! Nicely done at ON!

bailey j said...

You just got me super excited for Christmas! Nice job on the savings!

Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

I'm down with it being "Wednesday". Its technically my "Thursday", even better! And way to go on the awesome shopping deals!

sblind2 said...

I was in Fairview on Saturday and wanted to go into Old Navy ... but I was already out of the mood to shop by the time I got to that area ....

@Kim - Columbia's lighted parade is Dec 1st and its a good one!! I wanna know your present idea ... lol

Nicole Hedden said...

Oh not looking forward to Christmas shopping... Uhhhh, I have NOOOO idea what to get Zoie nowadays. She has everything.

Shannon Page said...

I love parades too:) Sounds like an awesome weekend!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Oh Wednesday I love you! Now hurry up and get here so I can be off for 4 whole glorious days!

Kacie said...

Love to think of it as a Wednesday! :) Great job on the Christmas shopping!! I got a little done this weekend too!