Happy Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!!
man i can't lie; my favorite part of Halloween is the drive to work.
seeing people dressed up.
and on top of it, barely awake.
oh my goodness i laughed all the way to work.
and of course jamming out to The Monster Mash.
needless to say my day is starting off great!
especially because of these two!
i mean they are loving life right now too.
wearing their jammies to the baby sitters AND getting jacked up on candy today at their Halloween party.
i kinda want to be S&H today.
silly kids.
ps - stella has worn this fish shirt THREE days in a row now.
i have no idea where she gets this from ;)
literally we get home and she says she wants to change clothes and wear her fish shirt.
hey, at least we've moved on from the flag shirt, right?
and henry - well he just likes being naked.  homeboy knows how to party.
in other news - S&H both got new beds last night!!
well - new to them beds.
Henry got Stella's twin bed, seriously homeboy slept like a champ last night.
he LOVES his new bed and all the room he has.
or maybe it's because he gets to use the Taz comforter.  ha, oh Taz....
and Kacie and Buck gave us a daybed they weren't using anymore.
so now Stella seriously has like a big girl bed!!
didn't hear a peep from her all night.
yay!  life is good.
happy wednesday!!


Kim Luke said...

you forgot to mention you got to see ME on the way to work too! I should have put my mask on for you! Lol

Glad S&H love their new beds!!! SOMEDAY I will get there too!
We woke up at 3am to footsteps upstairs. Landon got out of our bed and was sleep walking up stairs! CRAZY!!!!! Thank god the doors were locked, he could have wandered outside! ekk!

Happy Halloween!!!!! xo

Chelsea said...

Monster Mash!!!! I so have to listen to that when I get home today! Happy Halloween to you and your little ones :)

Anonymous said...

:) happy babies!!

Meg {henninglove} said...

oh yes i have to listen to the monster mash too on halloween until i listen to it it doesn't feel like halloween to me! your children are hilarious in those glasses!!

Kaity said...

I'm OBSESSED with skeletons so I love your pint-sized versions ;)

Just stopping by to thank you for participating in the Secret Santa Swap! Hope you had a very spooky Halloween!

Hallie @ Life:Oceanside said...

found your blog from Austin Family Diaries, and oh my gosh your babies are THEE cutest little things I have ever seeen!