Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

friday was a half day for me and i headed to take hen to his 9 month appointment.
gosh i love this boy
he is just such a great baby.
he's weighing in at 20 pounds 8 ounces and is 2 feet 2 inches tall.
one shot - no tears - just a little cry.
who you calling momma's boy now.  lol.
after that we headed to pick up sis and to home we went.
we chilled for a bit and then i got ready for dinner with some friends.
we ate and drank too many margs and laughed and then i broke a picture on the wall.
and then we ran outa there faster than you can say, 'oh shit!'
ha - but that's completely typical for us.
so funny story we were walking to dinner and some guy/kid was driving
and STARRING - hard CORE.
he makes his turn while STILL starring, jumps a curb and barely misses side swiping a pole by inches.
oh my gosh we never laughed so hard.
needless to say we all had an extreme confidence boost for the night.  ha.
saturday i worked at ck.
came home, got everyone cleaned up and headed to church.
my kids were WOUND up in church.
thank goodness we were headed to the parade afterwards and the drinks were already chilled.
we met my family in rocher for the first parade of the year.
because as we all know - i LOVE parades.
on the way there stella let us know that lacie was going to hold her brother and phil was going to get her candy.  girl knows what she wants.
phil was clearly trying to talk to her but she was focused on the parade.
and getting candy.
homegirl can put away some candy.
henry was a great sport too.
i think we have another parade lover!!  PTL.
also we won $100 from the banks give away.  holla!
we promise it's not rigged.  lol.
sunday we had breakfast at ck and then just did stuff around the house all day.
had some visitors and enjoyed the weather outside.
then mommy slipped away for a pedi and some shoe shopping.
hen got some new kicks and they are adorable!
the rest of the night was just the normal craziness that occurs every night.
naked babies.
crazy hair.
eating too much candy.
and being wild.
hope everyone had a great weekend!



Kacie said...

Henry's shoes = LOVE! And I have to know where you got your shirt you have on in the top pic...you had it on when we came over for dinner, I found one at Maurice's cuz it looke so cute on you and it didn't fit me right :(

Adrien said...

Fun! I love parades, too! :)

sblind2 said...

That is some funny shit about the staring guy!!
LOVE under armour shoes - Brody gets a pair every season!!

Sami said...

Omg baby shoes are seriously the cutest thing ever. They are so small and precious!! Sounds like a great weekend! I used to love parades when I was little because my grandpa collects old cars and he used to drive in the parades and let us come with him! Ps. What does CK stand for? :)

Kim Luke said...

omg, totally forgot about the guy who hit the curb. HILARIOUS!!!
loved hanging out with you Friday, and yes.. something crazy is bound to happen to us at Tequilas.. never fails! lol