I'm Back!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm Back!

hello.....five days later.
sorry about that.
i had a great mother's day!!
(homemade gifts from S&H.  lovie them).
on to the weekend.
friday night danielle was in town.
which means she cooks and bakes and takes care of my kids.
ha - god i love her.
stella was doing so good with potty training.
but wasn't a fan of trying to go on the potty at nana's house.
i tried four times to get her to go.
each time resulted in this.
ayi yi yi.
she held it literally for four hours.
once we got home, she climbed up on the couch, i took the dog out.
by time i got back in the house she peed ALL over the couch.
so frustrating.
oh well.
saturday morning we were up bright and early for a hike and bike with everyone.
my mom completely lied to us.
there's a BIG difference between a 5k and 5 miles.
in mayestown.
which is up hill both ways.
needless to say my legs, arms and booty STILL hurt.
but anything for my mom.
and PTL my babies did AWESOME!
after the hike and bike S&H hung out at nana's while i went to a baby shower.
that i was of course fashionably late for.
but what's new.
later that evening we went to Gma's house for a mother's day get together and we dominated some DQ heath bar ice cream cake.  because let's face it, nothing makes momma happier that some ice cream cake.  period.
sunday morning we were back over at nana's for church.
good thing henry loves hanging out with a bunch of women.
we hung out for a bit then headed home to enjoy the day and play.
we called it a night early and all agreed that we had the best little weekend.
one happy momma.



Ashley Mitchell said...

The pic of Stella on the potty...dying! So funny,it will haunt her someday. lol.

Brandy said...

OK, the picture of your little girl is freaking hilarious! My little girl was just the same, TERRIFIED of any potty except her little one with smiley faces in our bathroom.

Katie said...

Im with Ashley! Stella crying on the potty too funny.

Glad you had a good Mother's Day!

I was SMH at your travel back to 1954 pictures at the end. hahah very cute