So What Wednesday!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

So What Wednesday!

trying something new today.
let's do this:

so what if......
*i can't remember the last time i cooked.  breakfast, lunch OR dinner.  whoops!
*i LOVE face timing with my Gma and Gpa.  honestly cracks me up every time.
*my Gma and Gpa got an iPad before I did.  yes, i know, cray.
but lookie who has one now......
*my daughter doesn't want to sit in the stroller the right way so i put her to work instead.
here, hold your brother's bottle for him.  ha, she felt so important!
*my daughter's shirt totally looks like a boy's shirt.  but it has elmo on it so you bet your bottom dollar we are wearing it.  ayi yi yi.
*my daughter only lets the baby sitter do her hair in the morning.  yep, i can barely even comb it most mornings.  it's sad when my sister meets parents of kids who go to the same baby sitters and she says oh yeah my niece is the one who never comes in with a coat on or brushed hair.  ha, mom of the year.
*i have contemplated selecting lilwayne when it shows up on draw something.
cracks me up every time!!
*no matter how hard i try to trust someone again and really truly get in the mind set of yes i can do this that trust wall just crumbles again and again :(
*everyone is posting pictures of neons and awesome springy colors and i'm supporting black and grey still at least three days a week.  ha, happy spring!
*my FB hiatus is almost over and i have ZERO want to log back into the damn thing.
*i have nothing to wear for easter.  it may be another white pants year, but i just can't bring myself to wear a black top for easter.  momma.needs.a.closet.overhaul!!!
*i watched the new episode of G&B last night, twice.  cried everytime.  i just LOVE them!!

alright, i think that's it!
what are you saying so what to today?



Melissa W. said...

...a new car...a new ipad...

were you the winner of the mega millions or something????


Katie said...

Look at you big money!! First a brand new car now and iPad!

Stella looks happy to help Henry. Such a good big sister.

My whole outfit is grey today. hahah I don't have too many colors in my wardrobe either. whoops!!

I had to get up and make dinner half way through G&B and it honestly put me in a bad mood. hahah I will have to catch the rerun.

Laura said...

What a fun topic!!! I am always saying - So what if
*my hair looks like shit!
*my kids clothes don't match - ok really just Tad but that's because he refuses to let me color coordinate him.
*my kids yell at strangers - ok I'm a little embarrassed about that one.

Thanks for the fun topic! :)
ps FB does suck & trust is hard to earn back.

Heather said...

So what if...

* I didn't feel like blogging today.
* I care more about getting rip roaring drunk Friday, than I do about working today.
* I don't wash my jeans every time I wear them. They would be see through.
* I haven't participated at Draw Something in a while and have left my peeps hanging. Lost the motivation.

Ashley Mitchell said...

So What if..

all i can think about is drinking at work today....damn trolls!

i cry every time someone talks about mason tuning 1 :(

sblind2 said...

Ohhh, I like this topic of "so what" I think I'll blog today!!

I LOVE that Stella feeds Henry on your walks!!