Happy AA Day and Five Jobs

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy AA Day and Five Jobs

happy secretaries day!!
oh, wait, excuse me, Administrative Professionals Day.
regardless i'm a hickey girl at heart so an AA or not, it's in my blood to celebrate.
and since it's AA Day i can do whatever i want.
like wear white pants before memorial day.
yep - i did it.  now what.
henry's reaction?
he approves :)
work it momma, work it.
anyways, i'm in a great mood, had a good morning, and am totally looking forward to an amazing catered lunch full of food from the hill, and much more.
in case you can't tell, i LOVE my job.
so speaking of job's lets link up with this blog for:

Five Jobs I've Done

1.  Country Kitchen
duh.  ha, started there in April when I was 15.
even though i'm not "technically" on the pay roll to date, this month marks 10 years!
i remember my first day there.  washing dishes.  and i came home and cried.  i hated it.
ha - 10 years later..........
i honestly love the work there. 
washing dishes, prepping food, cooking, waiting tables, i'll do whatever.

2.  Student Secretary at the High School
i followed my big sister's footsteps and took over her position when she graduated.
i LOVED this job.
work in the morning/school in the afternoon.

3.  Saturn of West County
while i lived at hickey i worked the front desk at a Saturn car dealership in West County.
i was late A LOT.  ha - but it was easy, fun and good money.
funny story i actually ran into one of the sales guys during christmas.
he was the valet guy at the restaurant we were having our christmas party at.
yes i know how you go from salesman to valet guy, no clue......
anyways, we both kinda looked at each other like hey i think i know you.
horribly enough when i came back out that night to leave he said this to me,
"ok i can't remember your name but i do remember you live in a small town called red bud and you have a thumb that looks like a toe."
bahahaha - do i leave an impression on people or what.
kim and i looked at each other and just LOST it.

4.  Saturn of South County
once i graduated saturn offered me a full time job in their south county location doing secondary financing. so working with people who have a hard time getting financed to get a loan for a vehicle.
and let me tell you that kind of work is NOT for me.
i lasted four months until i got the call from my current employer.
and the rest of history.

5. SMW
five years later and i still love my job.
started as an AA.
moved to a Project Assistant who was going work on a Cabela's store in Indiana.
moved there, that all fell through, moved back.
became the Pre-Con assistant
and now am the Project Coordinator for Target stores.
i have learned a lot and grown up a lot at this place.
or as my boss once said i've become more "womanly."
not sure if that's a compliment or what.
regardless i pray for many many more years here!!

so if you're an AA out there - cheers to you.
if you have an AA - i'd suggest getting them a card or something really nice.
because let's face it, they do a TON of shit for you.
or hell, treat them to a marg - because that sounds ah-mazing right now!


Melissa W. said...

Yeah!! Happy AA Day!

Loved this!

I always wondered where you worked...you know, your day job...I knew it had something to do with Target.

I know a girl that has a thumb that looks like a toe....and it's not you!

Melissa W. said...

Oh...and my older sister did that Student Secretary job at the high school, too...

Cassie said...


ha - yep. funny the things we kinda sorta wana know about people.
maybe i need to have an 'ask me anything' day.
and yes, we build and remodel target stores. so shop there, pretty please!

Ashley Mitchell said...

ok i can't remember your name but i do remember you live in a small town called red bud and you have a thumb that looks like a toe." oh my god soo funny, i lost it.

Heather said...

What's better than being the student secretary, is having a friend who was the student secretary. And when your older, out of high school boyfriend called to get you out of school, he magically turned into your father and you magically had a dentist appointment that afternoon :)

Katie said...

OMG hahahahahah "and you have a thumb that looks like a toe" hahah who says that to someone that they can't even remember their name?!?!? Hilarious!

Happy AA Day!!!

Adrien said...

Cool! I think it's neat to know all of the places people have worked. You just never know what they might know about. :) I hear the toe-thumb thing isn't so out of the ordinary, so I guess you were one of the lucky ones! :D

Kacie said...

Happy Administrative Professionls day! :) we all brought in food for our two office ladies and got them flowers! Enjoy your appreciation day!!

Cassie said...

thanks ladies!!

Taylor Grace said...

At barely age 25 my list of jobs is embarrassingly long and extremely random already! Would love to swap buttons if you're interested! I'm grabbing yours now :)