Friday Letters

Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Letters

first off a very happy 1/2 birthday to my big sis.
i've been told a lot lately i am looking more and more like you.
i hope that doesn't mean i'm getting old.  ha.
i hope it just means this sugar free gum twice a day thing is starting to pay off.
homegirl, it's called ice cream - eat it!!
kidding - lovie you sisser - enjoy your day!!

on to friday letters.....
linking up over here

dear henry,

dear children of mine,
you are humans, not dogs.
dogs sit at the door.
why oh why do you love sitting at the door so much?!

dear house,

dear new app called slide,
i'm addicted.

dear bff,
i about lost my coffee this morning reading the comment you left on my previous post.
damn i love you.
and damn this is SO us.

dear anyone who owns the new jason mraz cd,
can you hook a sister up?
i'd LOVE a copy.

dear stella,
i think it's time......
for a haircut.....
yes sweet little independent child of mine.
i think mommy is going to win this one.

have a great weekend!!



thecoffeehouse said...

hahaha. love that you remind your children that they are humans. :) that picture is too cute!

Heather said...

Katie said...

YAY crawling Heni!!! Too cute. :)
Happy half birthday, Danielle!

hahaha love the last picture of you and the kids. Their facial expressions are saying "Mom, really I can't smile for anymore pictures" At least momma is smiling :)

Is that the VS Cards hat?!?!!

Adrien said...

Go Henry! :D

Pamela said...

Love all of your letters!! That pin cracks me up!

Meagan said...

Funny that you told your kids that they are human...we told Keegan that the other day and he said "no, im a boy"! Lol guess we need to explain the whole human thing to him!

Brandy said...

Ditto on the Jason Mraz CD! I love his music!

Mindy Bradley said...

Truly love "I won't give up on us" by Jason Mraz!! Jam out to it every time!!!!

Dana said...

Found you through your link up in Friday's Letters and glad to be your newest follower.

I am DYING over that judgmental bitch card. I absolutely adore They always know exactly how I'm feeling and can help me express my thoughts in the most honest, bitchy and snobby way ever!

Dana @ five30three