Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

oh heyy.....lookie lookie.
i'm sure it was hard to go on without knowing what i did all weekend while i was taking a break.
(that's for you ashley, ha)
so here's a quick recap
we didn't do much.
highlight of the weekend was aunt danielle coming home and cooking up a storm.
lasagna, oatmeal cookies, cake cookies, and chocolate chip cookies.
needless to say if it was okay to wear pajama jeans to work, i'd be wearing them today.
anyways, therefore we just laid around with our bellys out feeling lazy all weekend.
i promise hen's jammies aren't that tight that he's busting through them.  he's totally just holding them open.  you know, normal baby wana be calvin klein model kinda stuff.
ok well we did get up once, change clothes/decide not to wear any clothes and share pretend toast
oh hey hen ;)
then we did some more relaxing.  and drinking......
rough life.  hey at least she has clothes on right?
oh and we met henrietta
bahahahahaha, yep it was bound to happen baby boy, sorryyyyyy.
and that's about it.
i know, be jelly of the WILD life we have. 



Heather said...

OMG...YAY!!!!! COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!

Just made my day.

Those are some stinkin adorable pictures, looks like your weekend was full of cuteness.

Ashley Mitchell said...

yay! so excited! I need this in my life..lol
your babies are too stinkin cute!
poor Henry, he doesn't stand a chance does he?

Cassie said...

ha, thanks girls!!

yes PTL for comments.

ha and no poor poor heni. he's a good sport though!

Adrien said...

Henrietta is darling. :) Haha.

Your weekend sounds fabulous to me! I could seriously go for some of those cookies right now....

Katie said...

I love me some lasagna!! I have never made it bc it looks like entirely too much work. And we know how much time I love to spend in the kitchen.

Stella & Henry are getting sooo big. I must see them soon!!!