Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

sorry folks but we had quite the boring weekend.
which could be good considering we have quite the big week!!
first off, HAPPY 5 MONTHS HENI!!
five months, five months!!
you have surpassed your sister in on so many things.
mainly due to the fact that your head size isn't off the charts like hers.
but honestly, you are a champ at everything.
and still so laid back and just awesome.
thank you henry, i love you buddy!!
ha yes i know, you are saying, "take these girl pants off me RIGHT now."
sorry, sis made me do it.  she was just cracking up saying, "Henry hippos" lol.
you have finally kicked your cold and passed it on full swing to stella and mommy.
of course daddy hasn't gotten a touch of it.
i mean you would have to be around us i guess in order to get sick :(
on to the weekend.....
friday i honestly don't even remember what we did.
josh worked, i think we all just sat around breathing in each other's sickness.  boo.
saturday momma put down her foot and demanded to sleep in until at least 8:00.
and it was amazing.
once everyone was up and moving stella and i headed to target.
she isn't a fan of the cart lately so it's always super fun shopping with her.
but she was on her BEST behavior on saturday.
it was kinda bittersweet.  i felt like i was really shopping with my daughter.
she walked right by the cart, listened, didn't try to pull things off the shelf, i was one happy momma.
therefore she had to be rewarded.  ok not really, this was supposed to be for her birthday....
this pop up tent is on sale at target for $5.  more like on clearance.
and oh my word, best $5 i have spent in a long time.
homegirl was LOVING this all weekend.
after a pretty low key saturday, josh and i took the kids to his parents to stay the night and enjoy some Hobbs on Vacation with our bffs the Jones' and some of their friends.
for once i wasn't the youngest person in the group, score!!
sunday Josh was of course, off to work, and I woke up to a completely quite house.
super weird, lemme tell ya.
i headed to get the kids and we enjoyed a nice sunday of goofing off!!
yes, i know, shocked my kid isn't wearing any clothes.  lol.
so here we are at the start of birthday week of Stella.
however, her first birthday present i have a feeling is going to be an ear infection.
so we need to get some meds asap so we can party it up barney style on thursday!
hope everyone had a good weekend!!


Heather said...

I used to love my tents like that when I was little. We used to have a Mickey Mouse one and I would go into the kitchen, hide candy in the feet of my footie pjs, and then sneak it to the tent and hoard it all til I wanted a piece.

Adrien said...

Love your kiddos! My girls just love those darn pop up tents, too. Hours and hours of good, cheap fun! :)

Ashley Mitchell said...

Glad to hear Henry kicked his cold, too bad he gave it to you and Stella.

Cassie said...

yes, hours of good cheap fun is exactly it. i even let her eat dinner in it. she thought that was just so super cool. lol.