Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

josh worked all weekend - which meant mommy didn't shower, brush her teeth or even leave her jammies all weekend.  it was hot.  a lovely smell of yack was my perfume of choice.
6 - 6 friday, saturday and sunday shift makes me wana cry.
i don't think it would be so bad if henry was a little older, ya know?
needless to say ptl for monday.
friday i had to bail on bunco cuz i had one hoarse heni.
poor guy had such a nasty cough.
and what can you give a baby for a cough?  nothing.
well, i heard honey, but i didn't try it.  oh well.
he was a nice slimey ball of vicks all weekend.
my friday consisted of changing out henry's closet.
6 month and 6-9 month stuff only for homeboy.
i tried a 3-6 month shirt on him the other day and he literally looked at my like 'mom, this is too tight, remember, i have balls.'  bahahaha.  kidding.  but honestly i looked like it was hurting his junk.
needless to say my kid won't ever have to go naked.
but yet he pretty much always is.  ha.  whoops.
i like nakie babies and i can not lie:
hen is totally saying 'girl get outa here.'  lol.
saturday we did actually leave the house.
kim and i went to a "basement sale" since it's too cold to have a yard sale.
dane stayed at their house with stella and landon and kim and i took the babies.
lay and hen were talking up a storm and then lay just quit talking and hen was still babbling.
kinda sounds like josh and i.  you know, he never.stops.talking.  and i finally just give up because i know he's not going to ever stop.  ha.
anyways, it was hilarious, we determined that lay was totally giving hen the silent treatment.
i scored so awesome clothes for stel, and two pair of shoes.  some glittery pumas and some pink nike shoes.  they had a few scuffs, but i took a magic eraser to them and boom, they look brand spaken new.
after we got back to their house everyone was worn out and crashed on the way home.
saturday was awesome.  henry took a good 3.5 hour nap and stella did too.  they overlapped by 2 hours.
yes TWO hours folks.  i was one happy momma.
we ended the night by watching the Drew Petterson Lifetime Movie, yes, we are totally parents, but wow that dude was cray cray.  Ugh.  I was totally one of those people who was yelling at the TV the whole time.
sunday i was super nervous.  i just knew i had jinxed myself by bragging about my two hour nap.
and welp, i did.
stella is obsessed with being in henry's bed, so i thought this would do the trick.
henry did give me two 15 minute naps which gave me enough time to make this:
monkey bread.
however, this is a bad thing to make when you are home alone and days from starting.
whoops.  but it's just so so good.
anyways, momma was at the end of her rope.  all i wanted was to close my eyes for even 10 minutes.
but that didn't happen, not until 6:30 p.m. when josh walked in the door.
stella had fallen asleep about 5 minutes before he got home, he walked in, i handed him henry, and i went straight to bed.  it was the best for everyone.  a tried cassie is NOT a pleasant cassie.
oh well, sleep, and then dinner, then right back to sleep.  PTL.
hope everyone had a good weekend!!


Ashley Mitchell said...

The pic of the nakie babies..love it. I love nakie babies too. :)

I have balls remember....lol. Almost peed a little

Adrien said...

Why wear clothes when you can be FREE?? It's a state of mind that I'm trying to pass on to my children. :)

Yay for overlapping naps! It's a rare and precious gift, for sure....

Katie said...

Hope Henry is feeling better today!!

I looove monkey bread. Ive never attempted to make it myself though.

Erin said...

We had the same SATurday night. I can't stop thinking about that guy and Idk why.. ugh. Sick babies break my heart. And there is pretty much nothing you can do. I feel like a warm long bath unclogs Lyla though. Seems like she can breathe a little better.

Cassie said...

katie - you need to come over and we need to cook chicken and monkey bread. it's the easiest thing ever! promise.

erin - i agree. he was so sick and how much he got away with. and the fact that he is still awaiting trial. gross gross gross.
yes, warm baths are the best. or just having them hang out in their bouncer while i take a bath just to soak in all the steam helps too. but then stella walking in and out of the bathroom 98868 times kinda defeats the purpose. ayi yi yi. lol.

Erin said...

and YOU know that the actor is the same guy who is the happy happy guy on parks and rec. That cracked me up.

Cassie said...

Ha I know I saw that on Ellen!!

Kim Luke said...

Mmm that monkey bread looks so good. I've only had it once at your house.. I think I may need to come over and try it again!!!!!!

Katie said...

hahaha sounds like a plan!

Katie said...

Henry makes the funniest faces I've ever seen a baby make :) so cute!

Beth said...

Every time we skype with my sister she always asks, "Why doesn't JJ have any pants on?" Because that's one less piece of laundry to wash/fold/put-away. Except now it's to the point that when I do put pants on him he thinks it's a special occasion and we're going somewhere. Oops.

Cassie said...

Ha hilarious Beth!! Anytime I put shoes on Stella thinks we are going bye bye so I totally know what you mean.
Katie, I know right. Every picture so many captions run through my head.

Lara said...

Ty hates just being in a diaper. He will ask for pants! Boy, that monkey bread made my mouth water!
Does Josh work 7 day weeks? It sure makes it hard to get much done when you are out numbered!

Mindy Bradley said...

I about died "remember I have balls" oh the joys have having boys! And I agree with Katie.. Hens faces totally crack me up.. Your not going to have any problem picking out pics of him for the paper for his 16th birthday or his hs yearbook,

Cassie said...

lara - he works a funky schedule. regardless it falls that he works every other weekend. fml.

mindy - bahahaha, yes VERY true! too funny.