Happy Thirst-day!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Thirst-day!!

hey hey!!
it's thursday, you know, marg day.
and believe it or not i have no plans to drink any tonight.
but that can change if anyone wants to inhale have some!!
i'd enjoy it because i'm having a rough day.....
one week, just 7 days, that's it, that's all i have left until i have a two year old.
i know i know, blah blah, two isn't just a number.
everyone says, oh two are funnnnnnn....you know and then roll their eyes.
awesome - can't wait!
and then shortly after that i will have a 6 month old.
wait, what?!!?  how did that happen.
you know because he doesn't exactly have a half birthday (still drives me bonkers) we can celebrate it whenever we damn well please.
and well also, 7 days until i have to throw a barney birthday party.......

lord help me.
damn you barney, damn you!
oh well, anything for ms. thang.

in other news, i'm sitting at work today with bright ass neon pink fingernails.
thank you stella.
no no i didn't let her paint them, but she insisted i use two colors of pink that we have and go to town.
again, anything for ms. thang.
i mean they didn't really look that bright at 8:30 last night, but today at work, holy bright finger nails.
i could probably direct traffic with these babies.

also, good to know, i haven't been puked on in over 24 hours.
thank you henry.
poor connie, i think homeboy was saving it all for her.  he would be so good at home, but then let it all out, right on her.  i mean how does a parent make up for that?!  i swear he loves her, he really does!!
the best part about sick babies, is how much they wana cuddle.  love it.
however them passing a touch of it on to you, not fun, but again, worth it for the cuddles.

oh well, nothing else crazy going on in my world today.
but remember, anyone up to join a hormonal mom who wants to do off with barney, won't be distracted by her fingernail polish, can tolerate a slight odor of yack and can put back a marg or three, give me a call!
oh and check out adrien's post today, i just think it's the cutest thing ever!


Katie said...

I was on blogger and saw your post with a picture of Barney next to it. When I opened your blog I may or may not have read the first like "hey hey" in a barney tone. I was creeped out by myself also.

Hope Henry feels better soon!

Katie said...

first line*

Cassie said...

bahahahahaahaha - i am now saying hey hey in my head just like barney.

Heather said...

I was thinking the other night...when are you going to do another FMK post?

Heather said...

Whoops...EMK...see where my mind is?

Adrien said...

A Barney birthday will be bright and fun! (Like your fingernails, haha.) Anything for the babies. :) Thanks for the shout out today!!

Lara said...

The things you do for your kids! I hope Henry is feeling better. I'm thinking purple and green fingernail polish is a must for the party!

Mindy Bradley said...

My son loves loves loves Barney!!!! I think I should def join for margs sometime, if you'll have me... We can share our love for the big purple and green dinosaur!

Cassie said...

oh mindy, ptl for someone else who feels my pain. you are more than welcome to come to the party so he can get his barney fix. lol.

but yes, margs plus barney, ha, watch out!!