599 Are You Outta Your Mind?!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

599 Are You Outta Your Mind?!

this is my 599th post.
say what?
and what have i even written about in 599 posts?!?!?
a big thank you to everyone who has stuck around.
i'm sure not every post is anything exciting.
i know lately some blogger friends of mine have been on the fence about keeping up with posting.
let me just tell ya, DON'T stop.
there are blogs i read every day and regardless if I decide to follow them or comment on them i take things from them; ideas, inspiration, relief, etc.
no i'm not full of awesome recipes (hello that's what CK is for)
no i don't have fashion tips our the wah-zoo (hello that's why i raid my little sister's closet)
and no i don't tell you what products i love and you must have.
i just write.  about me.  m kids.  my life.
it's not always pleasant.  i mean come on i confessed that i pee in the shower.  and you all know you have done it a time or two since you read that.  hello prevents athletes foot and for those of you who don't wear socks, it's a life saver.
i'm not here to crack you up every day.  i started this blog to document my daughters life, which has now turned into my daughter AND sons life and ok really it is their baby books because momma ain't touched those since the day i came home from the hospital.  whoops.
i am just real, and it's my life.
i LOVE all of the comments from people who say, "i read your blog and you crack me up!"
it makes me smile and means more than you will ever know.
i love the secret creepers too.  i feel like i sometimes know who they are and that makes me smile too.
if you are thinking about starting a blog, DO IT.  i will be doing this blog for two years in april and it didn't get here by giving up.  no i don't have 13828 followers, but i don't want that.
i have met so many awesome people through blogging and i'm so lucky to call them friends.
so yay for being one post away from 600 and bringing this blog to life.
i'm glad i can keep you guys entertained and you can laugh and cry and relate with me.
it's nice to know i'm not the only mom who has wrestling matches with her children every morning just to get a coat on, or feeds her kids chocolate for breakfast whenever it's deemed necessary, or has an almost two year old with a binky even though i swore up and down that i would never be that parent, or learning the whole new world of boys since i have been all girls my whole life, or a husband who lives, eats and breathes his recliner, or who can't stand crazy stl drivers.
so raise your glass (ok really your coffee cup, water bottle, and if it's an alcoholic beverage i'm super jelly), thanks for following/reading/accepting me!  here's to 599 more!  YAY!



Heather said...

Yay!!! Congrats! So glad we stumbled upon each others blogs. Got a great friend out of it!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. I wouldn't have started my blog if it wasn't for you starting yours. Hopefully I will have kids someday and it will be a bit more exciting. hahah :)

Ashley Mitchell said...

Congrats! 599..thats a big number!
I love reading your blog. And you are right, I can always relate to some part of it. :)

Kim Luke said...

woohoo!! You better have something good for your 600th post!!!! :)

LOVE you!! xoxo

Christine said...

I'm one of those that has given up on my own blog, but THANKFULLY you haven't. You give me a good dose of reality and laughter on a daily basis.

Beth said...

Congratulations! I hope to one day have 150 creepers...you've earned 'em! And glad I found this blog - let's meet in real life some day.

Do you think we should....meet? (You've Got Mail) :)