St. Nick's Day and Finally the Tree is Up!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

St. Nick's Day and Finally the Tree is Up!

you can check out our St. Nick's Day last year here.
boy has a lot changed in a year.
so far St. Nick has done GOOD at our house.
Stella has made out like a bandit.
St. (Mommy) Nick got her a doodle thing where she can draw and then take the thing across the bottom and erase it, you know what I'm talking about?  Anyways, and some Christmas jammies!
St. (Aunt Danielle) Nick got Stella some matchbox cars since every time we go to Landon's those are the first toys she goes for.
St. (Nana) Nick got Stella an Elmo movie, Elmo coloring book, and Disney princess slippers!!
Henry, well, even though he can't talk or express much excitement told me he's happy too.
St. (Mommy) Nick got him Christmas jammies also and well, more jammies cuz homeboy is busting out of his current ones.
St. (Aunt Danielle) Nick got Henry a hat and gloves.  Cuz Lord knows Mommy doesn't buy her children these necessities.  Whoops!
St. (Nana) Nick got Hen an Elmo bib (which Stella immediately put on herself, ha), and some Toy Story jammies!
Momma has some happy, very blessed babies!
St. (Cassie) Nick brought Daddy a new case for his iphone.
St. (Josh) Nick got Mommy........................nothing!
How sweet!
So I pretty much had it in my mind all night that St. Nick would NOT come unless the tree was up.  So it was my goal to get her up last night.  Now decorated and all that jazz, ha, doubt that happens anytime soon.  I mean really, at the rate I'm going tree up by December 5th, decorations sometime next week, lights maybe the week before Christmas, you will probably receive our Christmas cards by the 24th. 
Bahaha, Happy Holidays from the Walters
So here's our tree.
Like I said, she's up, she's lit, that's about as good as it's going to get for right now.
And all I can say is PTL for whomever came up with pre-lit trees.
And of course our stocking were hung, by the TV, with care.  Ha.
Yes, those are still fall decorations on the right.
They kinda stay up all year.
So please, don't judge.  I promise I'm totally in the Christmas spirit.
I'm listening to the music, I have a dying poinsettia on my desk, I have attended a Holiday Cookie Exchange, my tree is up, I mean I promise I'm all about it, just lacking in the whole "decorating" department.
And Kacie, I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to take you up on your offer to lend me your husband to put lights up on my house.  Grinch Daddy ain't digging it.
Hope St. Nick did you all well.
PS - those ACAs last night?  Holy white trash.


Kim Luke said...

Yay for getting your tree up!!!

I wish St Nick came to our house!! :(
He did when I was little, but I haven't done it since having baybees!

ps. every holiday Josh doesn't get yous something, I think that gives you the right to take his cc and buy yourself something NICE!

Adrien said...

Those are some lucky babies! :) Santa is bringing Evie one of those magnadoodle thingmabobs, too and I think she's going to love it!

Your tree is pretty with or without decorations. :) (Our tree is only half decorated, because the kids would just destroy everything!)

Heather said...

Don't feel bad! I'm not going to have a tree so you are doing good compared to me!

Kacie said...

I'm sure Brent would put lights up at your house before he will for me:( Do you think him and Josh have been secretly hanging out? Brent is such a Grinch this year! So I bought him some Grinch boxers and, well, that pissed him off more! O well! Also, I have that lamp for you!! It needs dusted....

Lara said...

Ty has a mini magnadoodle and most of the time we want to throw it out the front door. He just tells us what to draw on it and then erases it. Haha
St. Nick is coming to our house tonight. My sister wants to skype while the boys open their gifts.
Your kids hit the jackpot!

Cassie said...

magnadoodle, yes that's what they are called. ha, thanks!!

how fun lara!!

kacie yeah boo on them!!

heather - you NEED a tree!! even if it's a little bitty one!

Jackie said...

St. Nick didn't come to our house either...I have never celebrated it.

I agree with gift means give me the CC so I can buy my own! LOL

Heather I have a tree too if you need one.

Heather said...

You guys are sweet. I thought about getting a tree...but I really want to hold out for my black one so I think I am just going to wait until they mark them WAY down after Christmas and buy one for next year.