Tuesday, December 20, 2011


my day yesterday was just crazy.
driving to work there was a jumper on the bridge.
which that alone is just scary.
and then i saw the jumper push a cop, ON THE BRIDGE.
wtf is wrong with people?
and then i went to lunch at OG and there was a person in there with turrets.
yeah the cussing kind.
like i honestly thought that was ONLY in the movies.
needless to say it was the most uncomfortable experience ever.
and really really sad too.
but PTL for the new Adele CD.
yes i know i'm like 47 years behind.
but my word it's amazeballs.
pretty sure i performed my own concert in the car on the way home yesterday.
and then of course i am STILL pleading my case about the trash can.
homeboy doesn't get that it's absolutely ridic.
PTL for my BFF who comes over last night and immediately says,
"ahhhh, I'm so excited to see your new trash can!!"
i love her.
her and i enjoyed a nice evening at the local mexican place.
where our drinks cost more than our food.
whoops, it happens.
however it was like us and MAYBE three other people in the whole restaurant.
hello people, mondays can be fun too!!
i did lose my casey's v-card last night.
that's a NICE place.
and their selection of tall boys is quite impressive.
yeah, a tall boy, on a monday.
we finished those while having a romantic evening of driving around looking at christmas lights.
and counting wreaths.
i think one house had almost 20 wreaths!!
oh and how about this adorable picture......
so that's all i have for today, randomness.
happy tuesday!


Ashley Mitchell said...

Sounds like a good evening to me!
That pic, too stinkin cute! Stella is getting so big.
Way to go Kim! That's a good BFF!

Cassie said...

i know she looks so big in that picture!! what happened to my baybay!!??

Ashley Mitchell said...

Mine will be 5 Jan 5th!!! What!! I'm not sure I can take it.

Erin said...

A Christmas light roadtrip sounds so great. I needed a bath and daddy to take over pronto last night. Sunday night we were the only people in Tequilas by like 8. So weird. Ahh Caseys. The only place where they make sure by asking if you're 18 to buy a four loko. Bah. I need a hard candy Christmas night like asap.

Cassie said...

i got carded at Casey's too. it was like, ummm, HECK YEAH!!

Heather said...

I'm addicted to Casey's. I go in there when I don't even need anything and just marvel at the newness of it.

Kim Luke said...

I admit it is a NICE trash can. but wtf Josh!!! lol
I say he only gets socks and underwear for every holiday until he fixes what he did with diamonds.

Yay for Monday Funday! Sad I won't see you until next year!!!

Kim Luke said...

ps. I think you should ask Anna to add one more watermark to that picture..

ahh. cute babies!! <3

Katie said...

I do not know how you can listen to Adele anymore. She is sooo over played on the radio and her voice anymore just sends chills down my spine. And not good chills. I CANT TAKE IT!! ahahah

That picture is too cute!

Adrien said...

Sounds like a fun night to me! I haven't even been to the new Casey's yet - eek!

Emily said...

I'm so glad you referred to losing your V-card at Caseys. The first I went in there with Brian, I told him in the car that I was a Casey's virgin. I was like.."OMG you're going to pop my Casey's cherry!" I threaten to say that as I walked in, but he didn't think that was too funny. LOL

Jackie said...

I went to Casey'r for the first time last Friday and OMG all of it is amazing! I don't think there is anything wrong with drinking on a Monday....and good idea about road tripping and checknig out Christmas lights!
PS I am totally gonna be one of them houses with a shit ton of wreaths...idk why but I just love them!!!