E. M. K.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

E. M. K.

sorry, i know this one isn't the best.
but it's christmas, and this is as good as it's going to get.
E. M. K. Blue Collar Comedy Style:
Bill, Jeff and Larry
I would probably have to do off with Larry.  He's hilarious but a lil too redneck for me.
I would probably marry Jeff.  I think he's super funny and a total family man.  And I would be able to watch him walk all bow-legged every day.  Which would make me laugh even more.
Which leaves me to eff Bill.  Which is fine I guess.
So there you go.
Pick a redneck, any redneck.


Heather said...

Man. Couldn't you have done Worlds Sexiest Men for the past three years or something?!

M - Bill. I like his humor the best.
K - Larry. Love me some redneck men but he is too much even for me.
E - Jeff. Cause he's the only one left.

Ashley Mitchell said...

E: Jeff
M: Bill
K: Larry
I threw up in my mouth a little even typing this. Ick.

Katie said...

I don't know whos who.

Lara said...

Kill Larry cuz iI hate it when people say "get er done"
Marry Jeff and f Bill