E. M. K.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

E. M. K.

not gona lie i used to be a jessica fan.
i am guilty of owning a few pairs of her shoes.
maybe even a handbag or two.
and yes, even sported her perfume one season.
but homegirl has spiraled down like a freight train.
and now that she is knocked up and obviously doesn't own a single mirror, i'm rethinking my loyalty.
jess, jess, jess.

girl has had some hotties in the past.
i am sure they are all ptl-ing a bit that they don't have to wake up to that hot mess anymore.
so let's do this:
jessica simpson's ex style
mmmm, mmmm, mmmmm.
i have NEVER been a John Mayer fan so I would do off with him in a heartbeat.
he can slow dance in a burning room alone.
i'm going to have to say marry Nick Lachey, ooo la la.
and eff Tony Romo, he seems a bit cocky and that would totally get on my nerves after awhile.

Your turn!


Ashley Mitchell said...

E: Romo
M: Nick, he is so sweet, and HOT :)
K: Mayer. Ewww.. he is too much like a girl for me,

Katie said...

I like some of John Mayer's music, but to see him perform or hell just stand there ruins it all for me.
M: Nick for sure
E: Tony
K: John

Cassie said...

ha glad i'm not the only JM hater. lol.

Heather said...

Easy Peasy!

E - Nick Lachey
M - Tony Romo - I'll be he makes waking up in the morning pretty damn exciting
K - John Mayer

Adrien said...

Haha, we see John Mayer every time he comes to town, but I can't STAND him on a personal level. Get over yourself, John boy.

I agree with your assessment, Cassie. :)

Sarah Birkner said...

I'm with Ashley and Katie on this one

E: Romo
M: Nick
K: John

whitney tomlin said...

E: Tony Romo
M: Nick Lachey
K: John Mayer

That was way too easy!
But I have to admit. I will always love Jessica! I saw on a thing the other day they have been divorced SIX years! It seems like just yesterday I was watching Newlyweds. And I may or may not own the seasons and watch those frequently.. ;)

new follower!

Erin said...

M Tony E John K Nick. Nick REALLY bothers me. Cocky cocky two by four.

Erin said...

And I still love Jessica. And I still year her perfume sorry if its not the right season. And I LOVE How FAT she is pregnant.

sblind2 said...

E: Tony Romo
M: Nick Lachey
K: John Mayer

Cassie said...

whitney - 6 years, holy moly. yeah just seems like last year it was on tv. ha, and i was glued to it!!

erin - ha, too funny.

Kim Luke said...

E John Mayer
M Nick Lachey
K Tony Homo. I mean Romo.

Christine said...

LMFAO about the "slow dancing in a burning room."

Cassie said...

ha thanks Christine, didn't know if anyone caught that. i appreciate that you get my humor!!