Confession Friday

Friday, December 30, 2011

Confession Friday

helloooooo Friday!
as of right now i am the only light on in my hallway.
however i was asked by TWO different people last night to have margs and i declined.
no i'm not pregnant.
maybe i'm growing up.
doubt that too.
anyways, last confession friday for 2011.
no not really.  so on to the confessions....

i confess that stella eats her fingernails.  yes, like chews them off then you can hear her actually chewing them up.  it's absolutely disgusting.  i agree with you kacie, she's going to get worms.  ha.

i confess that it only took henry four months to realize he needs to hold on:
ha sorry baby.
you can check out stella doing the exact same thing here.

i confess that 9 times out 10 we have a dance party in the car on the way home from connies.
the other day stella and i were rocking out and she looks over to henry and says, "Dance Henry!"
it was the cutest thing ever.  i couldn't stop smiling.  love my babies.

i confess this makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.
oh the good ole rocher khourey league days.....

i confess that now when you call for stella her immediate reply is "what?"
really?  how old are you?  lol.
she will be playing in her room and it's super quite so i will say, "stella.....??" i immediately get a "what?!"
my word child.....ayi yi yi

i confess that we now store baby's bottle in the fridge too.
you know we can't let that fake milk spoil
i confess that i took down my christmas tree the day after christmas.
yep, guilty.
however the stockings are still hung.
crazy or just lazy.  i'd say lazy....
oh and a big happy four months to henry today!!
so excited for his next session at CB!!
love you heni boy!!
alright your turn, fess up!
have a safe and happy new year.
talk to you next year!


Ashley Mitchell said...

I confess if someone knocked on my door right now, I would pretend I'm not home. My house is a mess!!

I confess Eric and I aren't doing anything this weekend, and we are excited about it. When did we get old!?

Kim Luke said...

Hilarious you have the same picture of Stell & Hen!! Definitely hold on babies, your momma is a crazy, finger giving driver ;)

I confess I'm taking my Christmas tree down this weekend.....and your children's presents are still under it. that means I need to see you ASAP!!

turning down margs??? that is crazy! You better not be getting too old on me... we have a lot of crazy days ahead of us!!!! lol

I confess I started a low carb diet and pretty much all I can eat is meat and veggies and I've been craving pasta, potatoes and chocolate like no other!!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha When I saw that picture of Henry holding on I definitely thought it was the one when Stella was a baby. Too cute!

I confess there are sooo many people around me that are prego and it is giving me MAJOR baby fever. Thomas baby 2012?? Maybe! :)

Kim Luke said...

aww Yay Katie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adrien said...

Love the matching pictures! Neither of my kids ever did that, so it must be a Walter baby right of passage. :)

I confess that I think I'm officially ready to take down the Christmas decor and get it out of my site for a year. Just one more party this weekend and then I am DONE.