Happy 3 Months Henry!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy 3 Months Henry!!

3 months?  3 months already!!?
Henry, slow down.
I mean technically you were 13 weeks yesterday.
But today is officially the 3 month birthday.
And considering not every month will have a 30th (still upset about you never having a half birthday).
We will therefore celebrate every month that does have a 30th.  lol.
Your little grin makes me smile.  :)
Hen, you have been such an amazing baby boy.
I'm not kidding!!
Last night you went to bed at 7:00, didn't wake up until 5:30.
Momma was HAPPY!
Can you have a pep talk with your sister for me please?
I will increase your allowance.
But besides you sleeping like a champ, you are just all around great.
You are so content, so relaxed, so chill.
Ok, well besides car rides.   You're not a fan for the first ten minutes or so.
After that you give in and then snooze the rest of the way.
Maybe it's because you are my second child and I now know that babies don't break.
Or maybe because I just feel like I am a way more relaxed Mommy the second time around.
Either way, thank you for being so easy going.
You are still eating like a champ too.
But I mean, that's obvious.
6 ounces every 3 hours and only one poop a day.
Baby ain't wasting nothing.
Surprisingly you have only had ONE arched pee.
So thank you for that!!
It happened in the bath tub; you peed all over your sister.  It was hilarious!!
I think it was the first time Stella was ever stopped dead in her tracks.
She had NO IDEA what had just happened.
I still feel the need to apologize to you every day for our crazy family.
We are a mess.
But you have accepted that and you just give us looks letting us know that we are in fact nutso.
We appreciate it.  Everyone needs to be called out every once in awhile.
You have a big sister who loves you like no other.
Everyday when I come to get you from the sitters she rushes over to give me a hug, then immediately turns around and says, Heni, and points to you.  Like don't forget about my brother, we have to take him home too.
It melts my heart.
But just so you know, we would never leave without you.
You have changed my world for the better Henry.
You have made me a better person.
I love you like crazy!!
Love, Mom.


Ashley Mitchell said...

This is so sweet. I should do this for my babies.
Henry is so cute. I love his chubby little face.

Anonymous said...

Henry peed on Stella and you never told me.. That is so freaking funny!!! He was just getting her back for beating on him all the time.

Heather said...

I love that Stella is older than Henry. He is going to make a great husband some day because he has a big sister!!

Anonymous said...

Love this post and that Henry gives you all looks like am I really the first normal person in this family? hahahah

Boys aren't so bad after all :)

Melinda Bradley said...

That grin Is super adorable, must have gotten a few pointers from sister Stella On how to take a cute pic with momma! Happy 3 months Henry!!

Cassie said...

ha, yeah in the tub, straight up peed all over her arm!! lol.

katie - yes i swear that is exactly what he is thinking!! lol.

thank you all!

Adrien said...

Happy three months to Henry! I can't believe how big he is already. Slow down, buddy!

Erin said...

That chunky monkey face just kills me. Happy 3 months Hen. One day you'll be able to move out of the house and away from these people!