Fire in the Hole!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fire in the Hole!!

I am very fortunate enough to never have had to deal with house fires.
Big or small.
Ok, wait, I lied.
One time, in high school, me and two friends decided to make kettle corn.
Yes, there is a reason people make this stuff in this big kettles.
Anyways, heating up the oil turned into a pan bursting into flames on the stove.
One girl carrying it through her Mom's kitchen, dining room, living room and finally out the front door.
Yes, flaming pan and all.
Three girls screaming, freaking out, scared shitless.
We threw the flaming pan into her front yard, grabbed the garden hose and put her out.
Maybe NOT the best idea with hot burning oil, but it put it out.
Needless to say I have never made kettle corn since.
AND one of these girls ended up being a 2nd in line chef at the Four Seasons in STL.  Ha.
Note to self, don't order the kettle corn from there.
Kidding Manda.
Anyways, I will never forget that day.
And now I can add last night to my list of scary ass things too.
Josh went to go help my Dad work on some stuff at his house.
No biggie.
Henry was sleeping on the couch, I was cleaning up the kitchen from dinner, Stella was playing.
I started the dishwasher and grabbed Stella to go put on her jammies.
However, putting on a 21 month old's jammies isn't a 2 minute job.
Once the wrestling match was over we headed back into the living room.
Henry was waking up so I sat down next to him.
And then I smelt it.
Something was burning.
Something was on FIRE.
My heart sank.
I ran into the kitchen to find smoke ROLLING out of the dishwasher.
My immediate reaction is to open the thing up and get it to stop running ASAP.
Once I threw open the door smoke was everywhere.
Stella came walking into the kitchen and I yelled, get out!
She just looked at me and said, "HOT!"  lol.
I opened the windows, turned on the ceiling fan, and just stood there.
I didn't see any flames but I could still smell something burning SO BAD!
I grabbed my babies, went outside and called Josh.
Whom of course didn't answer - TWICE.  Ugh.
So then I called my Dad's house where my step mom answered and I told her,
"Can you tell Josh to come home, I think the dishwasher is on fire!"
If you know my step mom she is a VERY quite lady.
Josh said, she came bursting into the garage like a bat outa hell, saying, "the house is on fire, get home!!"
Ha, ok ok, a little dramatic, but my Dad and Josh were at my house in record time.
By that time the smoke had cleared but God all mighty it stunk like CRAZY!
They performed some surgery on the dishwasher to see if they could find the problem, and no go.
So my Dad's idea was to just turn it back on and see what happens.
Oh sure, NO PROBLEM!
Needless to say I got OUTA here and told them they were not allowed to leave the kitchen until the cycle ran.
PTL it ran through fine and everything was good.
But I am afraid to start my dishwasher now.
So that my friends is how my night went.
No more kettle corn.  No more dishwasher.


Heather said...

Wow...I think that is by far the most dramatic dishwasher story I have ever heard in my life! Glad everything is okay!!!

Kim Luke said...

holy shit! that is SCARY!!!! Glad everything is ok! I would have FREAKED OUT too!!

And your step mom cracks me up!!!! bahaha. love it!

Ashley Mitchell said...

I laughed out loud when you said Pam went screaming into the garage.
Very scary! Hope it doesn't do it again! I would be scared too.

Adrien said...

I know exactly how you were feeling! Scariest thing in the world to see all of that smoke rolling out! And to be home alone with your kids when it happens...ugh. Sucks!!

Have you found the culprit yet? Because I've burned more than one sippy cup lid in the dishwasher. It falls through the grates and hits the hot coils on the bottom and it smokes really, really bad. Luckily I've always caught it before it could catch fire!

Cassie said...

thanks girls!

adrien - yeah we eventually found one of those littler measuring spoons in the bottle. melted. crazy!! i thought of you once all of the craziness calmed down last night and when this happened to you too. i was like i know EXACTLY how she feels now!

Anonymous said...

YIKES!! Glad everyone is ok and there weren't any flames.

sblind2 said...

Ekk, so scary! I have melted sippy lids too.....