Zoo Day

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Zoo Day

Second times a charm going to the zoo with Stella, PTL.  If you remember her first zoo experience......
Could have CARED less.  Like if she could have worn a watch she would have been checking it the whole time.  Baha, oh Stella.  But not this time.  It may have helped that we went with her bf Landon, his Mommy and new sister (as the kids both call her, Lala) and Aunt Lacie.  We snagged one of those zoo cards from my cousin Jessi, and let me tell you that is the WAY to go.  Free parking, free children's zoo, 10% off food and drinks and free train.  Which we couldn't do the train, two babies and two toddlers.  I don't care if we even had an extra set of hands it wasn't happening.  Sarah hooked me up with a front and back stroller since my double stroller wouldn't fit through the front entrance and it was a lifesaver, so thanks again Sarah!!  So, on to our day....
I LOVE the St. Louis Zoo.  I don't think I have ever been and said, man this was boring.  So if you aren't from the area and you come by, you MUST check it out.  And it's free, HOLLA!!  Once we got in and got everyone situated we were off to see the new baby elephant.  I mean how freaking cute is this?
And our babies were loving the elephants.  I don't know if we came at the right time or what but all of them were out.  I kind of think the elephants are my new favorite here.
1, 2, 3.....awwwwwwe.  lol.  Love these two.
We made our way around the park slowly but surely; seeing all kinds of fun animals, stopping to change diapers, feed babies, grab snacks, etc.  I had never been into the children's zoo before so we decided to try it out.  This sign caught my eye and I laughed out loud.  And I still laugh every time I read it.
baahahaha.  Anyways....
It was pretty fun in there.  And a great place for us to stop so that Kim could nurse.  The kids ran around and played and we kinda got a nice little break.  PTL.
I think their favorite thing was this Jeep.  This lady was hell bent on getting these two to give a rats ass about the baby owl she had but they could CARE less.  lol.  Poor lady.  But Lacie and I pretended to be interested to make her feel good.  I even learned that all the baby owl eats all day is just one little mouse.  Sick, but hey, I learned something right?  Once everyone was fed and semi worn out we packed everyone back up and I swear climbed the steepest hill possible.  Lord they should put these double strollers on treadmills at the Y with 20 pound weights in them and set the incline up a bit.  Best.workout.ever.  Anyways....then we saw something and we just could NOT pass it up.  Caricatures.  I have always wanted one of these and so we thought let's get one for Landon and Stella.  I mean they will appreciate it someday when they are married, right?  lol.  And do you know what gets kid to sit while these are being drawn.................??
Capri Suns.  lol.
Ok, Capri Suns and telling them to smile at Chris (the guy drawing the picture),
Bahaha, he probably was like NEVER again.  I bet we had them say cheese 85 times.
And the final product.........
Bahahaha, hilarious.
And did he forget to draw my kids neck or what?  lol.
After that we ran by to see the monkeys and then headed out.  We were whooped.
Once we got to the car I may or may not have seen my little sister take an extra dose of her birth control.  lol.  Just kidding Lacie.  But she definitely was like wow, I am so freaking tired.  lol.
Oh and Hen.......he did a lot of this all day:
Rough life.


Heather said...

So jealous of your day. But I love that drawing. I think that should go in the paper when they each turn 16.

Anonymous said...

cutest picture ever! I love it!

Ashley Mitchell said...

I wanna go to the Zoo!

Adrien said...

Yay for zoo day! I'm glad Stella liked it more this time. Gives you an excuse to go back again (and again.) Haha. We're so lucky to have such a great zoo so close to us, and for FREE.

Lara said...

Doesn't the zoo card rock?! I will not go back without it! Love the drawing! I am so impressed at yours and Kim's mommy skills!

Kacie said...

I really want to go to the zoo now! This looks like you guys had a great, fun day!!

Cassie said...

Yes Lara, will NOT go without one again. Best invention. I need to look into getting one next year, or going in with someone to get it.

kacie - we can go one more time before it gets too cold if you want!!