Thank You Elmo

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thank You Elmo

Elmo is now officially my life. 
17 episdoes on the DVR.
And that does NOT count the episode on Sprout early in the morning and then on PBS later. 
Oh AND the youtube videos. 
I may just count to four and then start singing, 'monsters walking across the floor,' bahaha, jk jk. 
But really, it's Elmo ALL day.

Baha, I mean this is a SERIOUS stare. 
Elmo on youtube, you save a lot of my afternoons from complete meltdowns. 
Thank you.

And I came across this little video the other day too. 
Made me say awww. 
Follow your dreams kids. 
And thank you Elmo.



Heather said...

She looks sooooo comfy. Hey...if you need to get out of the house early on Saturday, I'll be decorating. Nothing makes decorating more fun than some adult drinks and Pistol Annies with a friend! :)

Cassie said...

what time, josh of course is working until 3.
but drinks and PAs sound AMAZING!!

Heather said...

I'll probably start about 3. Going to have to figure out how to work a ladder...if you hear an ambulance, it's for me :)

Ashley Mitchell said...

Elmo IS amazing!

sblind2 said...

Brody LOVES Elmo! There are Elmo apps we've added to our phones for him! All the other monsters are "elmo" too in his's blue elmo aka grover and cookie elmo aka cooke monster!! LOL

Jackie said...

She cracks me up...all the faces she has!!! I will have to say that we don't know Elmo in our house...its Mickey, Snoppy and Thomas the Train!

Stephanie said...

Elmo is the greatest! My daughter has moved on from Elmo to Tangled, Cinderella, and some other Disney stuff. It really does help when you have something really important to do and you just need a few minutes uninterrupted.