Oh What A Night

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oh What A Night

Sorry for the late post, it's been quite a day.  Everyone, wide awake at 5:30.  Awesome.  Got everyone back to sleep by 8:00, but since I am working from home now, no going back to sleep for me.  Boo.  Ha, and now it's 3:30 and I just got one kid down for a nap.  I mean it's been so bad that I even gave Stella a tootsie roll and forgot to take the wrapper off.  Ha, and she ate it, wrapper and all.  Ha, sorry babe.  So around lunch time we went for a walk and enjoyed the outside weather.  Also it was a poly to get my children super tired and sleepy, but obviously did not work.  But I get a picture of my cute little boy....
Handsome Heni.  Who p.s. is getting so big!
All fall totally hit my street today.  PTL.  About dang time.  Tall boots and cute sweaters watch out!
Update, while typing this post the second kid is sleeping.  Score.
Ok so now on to last night.  Oh em gee, what an atmosphere.  Scoring right away in the first and then just killing it inning after inning.  You could just FEEL the excitement in the place!!  Ah-mazing!
And PACKED full.  Somewhere around 43,000 people in attendance.  But I mean really if you had tickets to a NLCS game why would you NOT go?!
And idk who does the music at the stadium but they rocked it last night.
And oh em gee they had a rally squirrel.  Wish I would have gotten a picture.
Oh and I borrowed my sisters TOMS for the game.  Most.comfortable.shoes.EVER!
And red, how appropriate.  Can't wait until Nov. 10 and I am an official owner of my own pair!!
And did you know they have toddler TOMS?  Adorable.  Totally need a pair for the kids.  Considering Stella spent most of her morning like this............
And no this is not a plea to all Gmas, Gpas, Aunts or Uncles out there to get Stella a pair (cough size 6 cough).
Anyways, the game was everything I could have expected and more.  Thanks again Maranda for having an awesome hook up and inviting me to go along.  Seriously, I never know what you are going to call and tell me next.  But I love it!!


Ashley Mitchell said...

Henry IS getting so big. So cute!